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Samsung Cordless Stick Vacuum Compared to Dyson V6 – My Honest Opinion

The Dyson V6 stick vac we have been using and loving for a few years can no longer hold a charge long enough to spot vacuum the entire house.  Darn it.  That’s after we replaced the battery once already, too.

Those little stick vacs are quite an investment – like shockingly expensive, in my opinion, for a vacuum used for hard floors and spot jobs. But we still like having one, especially for helping to keep pet hair at bay on a daily basis.

So when we noticed the demise of the beloved Dyson, we nosed around a little and hub made the decision to get the Samsung Stick.

Here are the pros and cons.


The charger for the Samsung is easier to access and charges the vac up quickly.  Even on high-power mode, the charge lasts through our entire house.  For now, at least.


Samsung has nice attachments and one more head than the Dyson.  But.  Always a but, right?  They are surprisingly difficult to remove and reattach.  The beauty of these are that you might need two or three attachments to clean an area and you want something easy to manipulate.  The Dyson.  Super easy.  The Samsung.  Not as easy.


Dyson’s on/off switch must be held the entire time it’s being used.  The Samsung has a button that can just be turned on. 


A very annoying venting from the Dyson blows air right in my face the entire time it’s on.  The Samsung vents to the sides.  So it still blows, and you can see it blow dust around, but it’s not right in the face.  I’m sure this venting is by design, but it’s annoying.

Overall Use

Samsung is heavier, but not burdensome.  The main problem is it’s somewhat difficult to “transform” which is the term I use for using different attachments.  Removing the canister to empty proved impossible for me and John had to take over.

We have a lot of hard floors and they both work fine, excellent even, on those.  Samsung outperforms on carpet vacuuming though.

The Dyson got rehomed into our coat closet so it can still be used on quick jobs on that side of the house.  There is a soft spot in my heart for it.

What I’m Eating

No earth-shattering new recipes this week – just the regular rotation of our meals. If someone told me I had to live the rest of my life on a diet of toast and tea, I’d say, “Mmmm, okay.”

For some reason I’ve just been too lazy to make the Insta Pot refried beans I wrote about on this post.  For our taco day yesterday, I made a small batch and it’s so worth the extra time.  I’m glad I did.

What I’m Reading

A Doubter’s Almanac by Ethan Canin was my audio book I mentioned last post.  It was quite long, but I finally finished it over the weekend.

Canin is a masterful author with beautiful similes and metaphors.  Since I was listening, I was not able to savor those passages like I do in print.

The characters are rich and deep and hateful and loving and sad, but mostly hopeful. 

Math is a big part of the story, and though I’m no fan of that subject, it wasn’t cumbersome and only added to its appeal.  In other words, Canin assumes the reader’s intelligence and doesn’t condescend.

My first Canin book, but not my last.

Can you believe mid-July has passed?  Crazy flying time.  I know, I sound like an old person.  Well, I’m enjoying summer anyway and hope you are too.