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Week Wrap Up

My first week of retirement was busy and didn’t go a thing like I had planned.  There were no lazy days sitting by the pool (or by the fire) reading.  There was only one long walk.  But there was fun to be had and friends to share it. Here’s my week wrap up.

And a few random things I came across.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is so hit or miss these days with fewer items on the shelves and higher prices.  The people who have a lot of luck shopping there are people who visit frequently.  For me, several months can pass between shopping visits.

But now.  Ahhh, I have time.  I slowly walked the store and found some upscale cosmetics including my favorite Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I usually find that at Nordstrom and for substantially more money.  They even had my color. 

Way back around the Fourth of July, I was looking for a red belt.  And I’ve continued to look for one since.  TJ Maxx finally had some.  They weren’t exactly in my size, but I can stick the extra length through the loops and no one will be the wiser.  And I’ll look so snappy in a red belt.

A beautiful leather bound day planner was among my scores and I’ve already started penciling in appointments.  I’ll be using it to help journal our upcoming trip as well.

The main thing is I need to remember where I put it, dig it out and start using it.  I already missed one appointment this week.  What?!  I know!

Horse Races

Turf Paradise is our local race track and we really missed not going the past couple of years.  We took a little visit with DFs Evon and Denisse and enjoyed absolutely perfect weather and some laughs and good energy.

The horses were all so beautiful and such amazing souls to behold.

House Guests

We are hosting some out-of-town friends getting medical treatment here this week.  It’s been wonderful spending time and sharing our home.

But, I will say, there is nothing quite like having company to get my home in ship shape.  Cupboards cleaned out, drawers organized, beds made.

Since I’m no longer working full time, I took the opportunity to clean out my desk and while it wasn’t in too bad of shape, it’s really cleaned out now!

Food Huggers

Are you one to re-use lightly used Ziploc bags?  I just cannot bear to throw away bags that have hardly been used if I can rinse them out and reuse.  It just seems so wasteful.  Which I hate.

DF Jan gave me a set of Food Huggers for Christmas and it’s about time I shared them with you.  I took a pic of my morning lemon water and using the food hugger for the leftover lemon.  Not only does it save from using food wrap or a baggie, it also takes up much less room in the fridge.  Which is always a score.

These are great and a recommend!

Road Trip

With all the busyness going on around here, it looks as if our trip will be delayed a few days.  We’re still planning, packing, and plotting.

John purchased and installed a truck step for easy on and off the bed.  Really, hopping off that giant truck is not a good idea so I’m calling this a good purchase.

However, I did hear a few curses while it was being installed.

Wrap Up

And just when you thought all of our projects are fun.  Yep, the toilet seat broke.  Yep, when a guest used it.  Project du jour. 

Let’s get ready for a great weekend and please let me know what you’re doing!