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DYI Mirror Tile

In one of my recent YouTube viewings, I watched a video on a $7 Walmart DYI Mirror Tile Hack.  The theory is you buy a $7 mirror from Walmart and use leftover tile sheets to frame it and class it up.

When I shared the video with John we agreed we could try it on the full-length mirror in our guest bath for a fun project.  Meaning, of course, a fun project for him.

And the $7?  Forget it.  We didn’t have any leftover tile, our leftover grout was dried up and the mirror we have, while not expensive, was not the cheapy one and so the edges are round and have beading on them.

Well.  Never let a few obstacles stand in your way.  Right?

Plus hub got to make a trip to Floor and Décor for a sheet of tile AND to Home Depot for glue.  And we’re off.

Of course Roxy was a big help.

Honestly, I wish we would have just gotten a different mirror.  Because.

No, the horizontal stripes on my shirt are not what is making me look fat.  This mirror is a bit like the ones in the Fun House.  It distorts my body.  In the wrong way.  In fact, when I’m taking a bath I need to make darn sure I don’t accidentally look in the mirror.  It’s depressing and frightening.

But, we used what we had, bought a few new things and I think the mirror looks pretty now.  Good job, Hon!

Of course, it’s on the back of the door in a room hardly anyone uses.  But when they do, I hope they love it.


The Studio McGee line at Target has so many beautiful pieces; I want to redecorate my house.  All in Target.  Who would have ever thought that would be a thing?

Ok, don’t judge, but I recently placed an online order and needed to get to $35 for free shipping.  So I ordered a $60 artificial rubber tree.  I know, crazy.

But, I could always return it if it didn’t live up to my expectations.

I am telling you.  It’s a beauty.  It’s big, the pot is beautiful, the moss filler is gorgeous.  It needs a bit of fluffing and puffing and to find a better home, but it’s a recommend for sure.

Step Aerobics

I cannot tell you how much I miss step aerobics.  It is my all-time favorite workout in the world.

And.  Nobody teaches it anymore.  Except for some fantastic woman I recently found on YouTube.  (Yes, I spend a bit too much time on that media platform).  Chris Dorner of CDornerFitness has a wonderful channel with live and recorded virtual classes with some kickass step classes.  Like the crazy ones I enjoyed back in the day.

Here is a pic of me doing a class all by myself and stretching my calf muscle.  Because step aerobics is quite the calf workout.  And when you haven’t done one in a few years, well, I had some muscles talking to me for a few days.

I am doing step now one or two days a week and am thrilled to be adding this to my fitness routine.  If I could only find my leg warmers, darn it.

What I’m Reading

Guess what finally came?  The Lincoln HighwayAmor Towles’ A Gentleman in Moscow was so darn good, I couldn’t wait to read The Lincoln Highway.  I ordered it from the library and I started reading it this weekend. 

It’s one of those books I read a bit and then put it down to digest it.  I have a feeling I’m not going to want this one to end.

And didn’t you know reading could be a group activity?  As soon as I took this pic of Roxy snuggling me, she left and Kinsey took her place.  The best part of my day.

Wrap Up

We’re almost into February and I know this year will fly by like last year did.  We’re prepping for our big road trip.  Do you have any plans for the year you can share?

I hope whatever they are, you’re enjoying life and finding everyday blessings.


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