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First of the Year Shopping

My anxiety-driven spending frenzy seems to be quelled, but I did do a bit of first-of-the-year shopping and want to share a couple of great bargains and highly recommended items.

Banana Republic Girlfriend Jeans & Sweatshirt

I never find petite sizes at BR so I never go into their outlet near our home, but I stopped in and low and behold I found a few things.  And on the sales rack!

I’m not that big on ripped jeans, but A.  It doesn’t seem the trend is ending anytime soon and B.  I love the baggy girlfriend fit.  I love these jeans.

I am sipping a cup of perfectly frothed coffee and am sporting a tiny cream mustache.

I found a plain sweatshirt which might have been around $10. It is so soft and so perfectly loose but not too loose that I’m wearing it many a cool morning.  I turned up the corner so you can see how nice and fleecy and soft it is.

I cannot say how much I love this sweatshirt. Crazy, right?

Amazon Bow Flats

These adorable shoes continue to catch my eye on a few blogs I follow.  They are less than $40 and get really good reviews. 

They don’t come in a wide size and they’re labeled as pumps (which they are not) so I’ve been hesitant.  But I took the plunge because they are returnable.

Turns out they fit beautifully and are so cute with jeans.  Yes, my feet are super white.  While I’m out soaking up sunshine I’m in socks and tennis shoes and my feet don’t much match my legs.

So, ignore the white feet; focus on the cute bows.

Gap Workout

The Gap outlet is affiliated with BR and right next door, so I made a little stop in there too.  I like their workout clothes and certainly for the price, they are hard to beat.  What I don’t love is that their bottoms don’t have side pockets for a phone.  Since walking and listening to books is my thing, I really wish they would add that.

For literally just a few dollars I got a couple of cute pieces that I’ll be using when the weather warms up.

The little tee isn’t really a workout shirt, but I’ve already worn it and it was perfect.  No, I don’t iron my workout wear, so excuse the wrinkles, please.

What I’m Eating

From the latest issue of Eating Well, I tried Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps which I made with ground turkey.  And.  It’s delish.  We really liked it and it will go into our rotation for sure.  The serving size is two wraps and that didn’t feel like enough for either of us so we supplemented that a bit.

But a few hours later, no hunger pangs.  The protein from the turkey and cashews must be pretty satisfying.

I reduced the amount of oil and brown sugar a bit.  I got tired of grating ginger so I didn’t use as much of that either. 

There are a lot of ingredients, which I’m not a fan of in my recipes. So it did take a bit of time to put together.

But all in all, I cannot imagine a healthier meal.

What I’m Reading

On audio I listened to The Life List of Adrian Mandrick by Chris White read by my fav narrator, David Aaron Baker.

On the whole I enjoyed this audiobook, but an addict physician who screws up his entire life and then works to get it back isn’t really the fodder I’m into right now.

The book is well written and has a theme around birding. Birding isn’t something I know much about, but living in Arizona, the winter birds are quite a treat and I find that a compelling subject.

The writing is good, the characters a bit shallow. The location – Boulder – is a place I know and I liked that. I guess this is a recommend. Cautiously.

In print I finished another of the Nameless series by Dean Koontz.  Memories of Tomorrow is number 6 and tied up a lot of questions.  I’m sorry, I’m lame, but I love these things.

Wrap Up

I hope the New Year is seeing you happy and healthy.  Let me know how you’re kicking it off.