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Bathroom on a Budget

I know I have shared the wonderful job John did tiling our bathtub surround in the guest bath, but I didn’t have a rug or countertop décor when I posted that.  I wanted this room to look polished, but on a budget.

Area Rug

Our challenge in this bathroom – even for choosing the tile – is that the flooring doesn’t really match the countertop.  Neither of those is going away, so we had to find a way to tie it all together and I think we succeeded with that.  The gray wall color was a really good choice as well.

Of course, since I needed a rug during quarantine, there were no stores open so we could scout the perfect look.  I looked at many online and it is always so dicey to purchase off the pictures on a site.

New Terracotta Area Rug from Wayfair tying the room together
New Terracotta Area Rug from Wayfair

I wanted the rug to have some color and not so neutral as things in my house are tending towards.  What I ended up doing was ordering a small Turkish area rug from Wayfair (I am not affiliate, but will link for convenience) that matches the rug I ordered a few months ago for our guest room.  I really like that it now ties the two rooms together and I think it makes a pretty and colorful addition to the bathroom.

OMG, I just realized I am just like the Big Lebowski! The rug is tying the room together. I really didn’t intend that all, but I’m sticking with it.

Guest bedroom with the same terracotta rug
Guest Bedroom with Terracotta Area Rug

I might add that I’m a big fan of Wayfair and have ordered many, many things from them happily, but during these new times, my orders take weeks to arrive. Just sharing that in case you need something in a hurry. FedEx is not delivering as promised on their orders.

Balsa wood kitty from Bali.  I used old decor in a new way to help me create a bathroom on a budget.
Bali Kitty on a Pedestal

An added bonus is that I shopped my house for the countertop décor and used my balsa wood cat from our trip to Bali and the rug mimics all the colors in the cat.  I love using a souvenir that would normally live in my bedroom closet. 

My DF Evon gave me gave me an adorable kitty trinket dish as a gift so when you come to visit you can place your very expensive ring on the cat and not worry about it going down the drain when you wash your hands. On a very old pedestal stand, I placed some rolled towels, soap, cream (also a gift from Evon) and some plant sprigs for greenery.

I had a matching candle holder and added that and now I love the look. 

Kitty trinket dish - using old decor in a new way to help me create a bathroom on a budget.
Kitty Trinket Dish with Kitty in the Sink

Of course, Roxy needed to help me take a picture.  The nice thing about shopping the house is that everything is free and it allows me to use old things in a new way and appreciate them all over again.

What I’m Reading

I finished the Connie Willis book, Passage.  I ended up skipping a LOT of the dialogue because it was so frustrating.  It was supposed to illustrate frustrating conversation to the main character, Joanna Lander, but it was way over the top.  I think I could have gotten the idea without being beat over the head with it.  BUT, I did enjoy the book and the thought-provoking take on life after death.   I liked that it takes place in my hometown with references to streets and places I’ve been.  It references the hospital I was born in and the one my sister was born in.  It’s fun to read books like that. Yes, I liked it, but it’s not a four-star by any means.

On audio I listened to Hell and Other Destinations by Madeleine Albright.  I loved it.  She’s such a wonderful writer.  She’s narrates the audio.  Her voice is rather monotone, but it’s not distracting at all.  I think it underlines her dry wit.  She’s funny, smart and has way more energy at an age over 90 than I ever had.  Very inspiring.  

True Grit and Holy Bible
True Grit and my Bible

Now, for my big aha moment this week.  I read a 50-year-old book you’ve heard of before – True Grit!  How have I never read this before?!?  Why did nobody tell teen-aged me to read this book?  Everyone knows Rooster Cogburn from popular movies as an aging John Wayne or a wonderful Jeff Bridges. But this book is really about Mattie Ross and she’s almost as fantastic as Scout Finch. 

Immediately, the book references bible verses but doesn’t quote them, so I had to look them up myself.  I loved that. The language and dialog is so snappy and smart coupled with the abrasive, uncouth characters and in a backdrop of the South losing its confederate identity.  Really so much in such a short book.  I never liked Westerns growing up so it never occurred to me to read this, but in the Albright book I reviewed above, she quotes something from True Grit that got my curiosity up.  Sure enough, it’s a quotable book.  Love, love, love this book.

What I’m Eating

Gluten free pasta with Trader Joe's Marinara
Meatless Monday – Marinara from Trader Joe’s

We have been very lax about observing Meatless Monday during the lockdown.  Do not ask me why.  It just seemed like too much to coordinate and enforce (yep, with my husband, it has to be enforced – he threatened to go to In N Out Burger today).  But we’re back on the wagon and Monday’s dish is a marinara over gluten-free spaghetti.  I use mozzarella for protein and I always add a carrot for a little extra fiber.  I also add French bread.  You can call that protein or fiber, but it’s a must and will never be cut out of my diet.

Meatless Monday Marinara

Trader Joe’s marinara is my favorite. To my un-Italian palate, it tastes homemade and is very low in sugar.  I don’t like sweeter sauces.  This meal only takes as long to make as it does to boil the pasta.  I may or may not add a salad and we call it good.  Easy, meatless and tasty.

I hope your week is good and sending blessings and peace and grace to you.

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  1. Corine, you bathroom looks beautiful and nice tile work John…..miss you guys…
    Reading seems to be the activity of choice these days as the news is so repetitious and I can’t believe I am now putting myself on a movie diet….not more than one a day! Lots of Black history movies on Amazon Prime, and great views into history. I am around this summer, so hopefully we can maybe get together…..wave as I drive by you walking!!! Helen

  2. Hi Corine,
    I love the new bath and the new rugs to tie everything together. I’ve been re-reading books too. I read the Nora Roberts Ireland Trilogy, Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame. All set in the areas that we visited last year. It is so fun to read stories set in places that are familiar to you…..just like the one set in your hometown.

  3. Connie Willis – I read To Say Nothing of the Dog and really loved it. An homage to Jerome K. Jerome and Victorian literature.

    Madeline Albright – I’m also a fan and wish she could be president or my grandma or my mentor or something. I read Madam Secretary and loved it. Lots of Denver references.

    Charles Portis – Thanks for the True Grit rec. I think you might like Norwood. Fast and still pretty fresh.

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