Comfort Food on Meatless Monday

We (by which I mean mainly I) have been observing Meatless Monday for years.  It seems like all the recipes I come up with on Mondays involve a lot of carbs. Maybe some cheese and then, bam!  Instant comfort food on a Meatless Monday. With those kinds of ingredients, I guess it cannot be considered […]

You Can Cook in a White Kitchen?

Oh, that’s not a question, that should be a statement. You can cook in a white kitchen. I wanted a white kitchen for as long as I can remember and when we remodeled, that dream came true. But a white kitchen for cooking. I never really wanted to do that. I wanted to serve chardonnay […]

Bathroom on a Budget

I know I have shared the wonderful job John did tiling our bathtub surround in the guest bath, but I didn’t have a rug or countertop décor when I posted that.  I wanted this room to look polished, but on a budget. Area Rug Our challenge in this bathroom – even for choosing the tile […]