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This Week’s Project – Tape and Mud Cracks

This week’s home improvement project was super sexy.  We had the ceilings taped and mudded.  Now they are ready for paint. Yes, we know how to have a good time AND spend money.

You might remember last November, during one rain storm after another, we had our roof replaced. 

Damaged Ceiling

Where there were leaks, there was peeling and discoloration on the ceilings.  We’ve lived with it for an entire year, but we finally reached a place on the To Do list to get those taped and mudded and will have the ceiling repainted next.

Kitchen and Hallway Prepped for Work

The really bad spot was the patio cover above the hot tub.  When the poor guy cut the damage out, insulation went everywhere.

What a Mess!

We had a team of three pros come in.  They covered their work areas, got to work and were done in just about two and a half hours. 

Even though they were efficient and neat, it still made a mess.

And you know how much a mess makes me crazy, so Thursday, in between the turkey trot, prepping and cooking Thanksgiving side dishes and then a fun afternoon with DF Evon and Jessy, I was cleaning like a mad person.

And I didn’t get finished.  So back at it on Friday and I decided to take down the fall décor while I was at it and store it all away.

The house looks a little bare, but I’m in no mood for Christmas decorating just yet, so I’m enjoying all the blank space.

Fall Decor Down and it’s a Little Barren

What I’m Reading

Last post I told you I started the latest Jack Reacher, The Sentinel, which is supposedly written by both the original author, Lee Child, and his brother, Andrew Grant.  Well, you could fool me that Lee Child had anything to do with it.  It was simply awful. 

Jack Reacher’s brawls are absolutely the best thing about the books and I couldn’t follow what was going on for the life of me.  It was unclear and unexciting.

There were grammatical errors out the yazoo.  The story was boring and I put in down over and over.  That is not something I usually do with Jack.

Sorry, buddy, we’re over.

On audio I finished Long Way Down by Michael Sears.  This is the third in the Jason Stafford series.  The first I listened to on audio, the second I read, and this one I listened to but it used a different narrator.  Next one I will read.  I’m very addicted to this author now and am recommending!

What I’m Eating

Leftover turkey.  Like everyone else.   Just kidding.  I whipped up some cabbage soup from one of my new favorite cooking sites, Iwashyoudry.  The soup is fine, but I wanted to crockpot it and reduce my time in the kitchen. 

Cabbage Soup Prep

Here’s what I changed:

  • I used about ¼ the amount of onion. 
  • The only spice was a sprinkle of cumin and salt and pepper. 
  • I diced all the vegetables with my Mueller chopper and threw them all into the crockpot without sauteing them first. 
  • I added two small potatoes to give the soup some body and a little starch for hub.
  • Set crockpot on low and cooked for four hours.
Cabbage Soup

Turkey Trot

During this crazy time, it was so nice our community hosted the annual turkey trot. Unless we have been out of town, John and I have participated for at least ten years. With friends. With family. In every sort of weather. We just love it.

The walk/run begins at the clubhouse and takes a three-mile loop. With the walk to and from our house, we complete a five-mile walk before we even have a bite of stuffing. Or mashed potatoes. It’s a wonderful way to start the day.

Karen and Maggie are such good sports and seemed to actually enjoy their costumes!

Karen and Maggie

A lot of dog walkers participate in our turkey trot and there was a goodie table with dog treats.  I took two to bring to Evon’s adorable Millie and Chloe.  And guess who found them and helped herself?  To dog treats.  Ugh, that cat!

Yes, the same Roxy who was on death’s door two weeks ago.

Roxy Found the Dog Bones

It seems as if this has been such a busy weekend, but luckily it’s a long one, so onward to a little fresh air and exercise. Oh, and an audiobook, of course.