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How to Revive Wood Finishes

How did my beautiful lazy Susan get so faded and dried out and tired looking?  One day it was sporting napkins and tulips and the next day it looked like something ready for the junk pile!

More than likely the Arizona climate is to blame, but no matter. 

I think I know how to revive wood finishes and here is what I used:


Rejuvenate is great at enhancing natural wood finishes and we have used it several times over the years. 

After washing the lazy Susan and letting it dry thoroughly, I simply wiped a coat of Rejuvenate all over and let it dry a couple hours.

Rejuvenate feels almost dry to the touch or just slightly tacky after application, but don’t be fooled and let it dry for a while.

Old English

I have used Old English polishes on furniture for as long as I can remember.  The scratch cover for light wood is not nearly as frightening as the one for dark wood which seems to stain everything!

After the tray was treated with Rejuvenate and fully dried, I applied a light coat of Old English and voila! 

It looks new again.

You know.  I just looked on my old blog post when I first got this lazy Susan from TJ Maxx and it was almost a year ago!  Man.  Where does time go?

Aches & Pains

No, I’m not listing out mine here on the blog, relax!  But Anthem Health & Wellness Club’s monthly event this Wednesday features very popular local DC, Dr. Birdsong discussing his treatments for chronic pain.  As always, this is a free event, but it’s expected to be well-attended, so if you’re a local, sign up here.

Game Night

Our wonderful neighbors and dear friends, Gary & Suzanne hosted game night with Rumikub.  Not only is it a fun game (which Suzanne aces) their version of “munchies” was a beautiful spread!

Have you played Rumikub?  It’s a really fun tile game, but a lot of friends also play the app online and are quite addicted.

What I’m Reading

I accidentally let the library return Dark Matter by Blake Crouch before I finished the last 10%.  Ugh.  I had to put myself back on the waitlist and finish it a week later.

It’s a very fun and mind-bending story about a physicist (phew, I could barely spell that one!) who dabbles in alternate realities.  I know that is a very incomplete description, so don’t let it throw you off.  Consider reading it.  They are making a movies or series based on it coming out later this spring.

Wrap Up

I know most of us have really busy and fun springs.  Travel and guests and events.  Everyone is crawling out from the winter and enjoying the best time of year.

So knowing you’re busy, I want to give you a special thank-you for taking a minute to spend with me.

God bless you and yours for a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. I have beautiful personalized with our name and a nice quotation. It dries out easily, maybe as it is displayed more than used… ?
    Anyway since we use it for food I was afraid to use Old English. Instead I bought food grade mineral oil at WalMart. Tough to locate but finally found it in the pharmacy area.

  2. We have a lot of wood furniture. Much of it antique. I use Old English for Light wood all the time. The Old English for Dark wood is scary. It is practically black. It is easier to put on multiple coats of the light wood version. Arizona dries out anything wood. We have had to have our kitchen chairs reglued twice!

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