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Simple Faux Plant Hack

Do you have some faux potted plants or trees that look pretty nice, but have hideous pots?

Yeah, so do I.

Actually, the plants I have aren’t even all that attractive, but they add some nice green to room corners.  And they were too expensive to dump at this point.

So here is a fast and simple hack to fox up your faux plants.  Fox your faux.  Like it?  Ok, corny.  And yes, I know they are not pronounced the same.

Find a Nice, Big Planter or Basket

TJ Maxx, the thrift store, you name it, you can find much more attractive and appropriate containers for a large pot than the crazy little dealy it comes in.

For the two I’m sharing here, one came from TJ Maxx and the other is Studio McGee from Target.

Raise It

If your plant looks small in the basket or if it’s too short for the space, plan to raise it up. 

I have a small olive tree (that is actually pretty nice) for the family room, but it’s much too short for the space. 

From TJ, I found a nice raised plant stand and basket all in one. 

Both baskets I’m using were too tall for the plants so I raised them up.

Use any old thing you have that you won’t miss, that is the right height and circumference and helps to stabilize the plant.

I used a second metal pot in one plant and an old hard plastic food storage bowl in the other.

Stabilize It

The tall olive tree (which is actually not very nice) is off kilter and tilting crazily, so I further stabilized it in the new basket by stuffing packing paper around the inner pot and the basket.

If the plant isn’t terribly big or heavy you can also stabilize with floral tape in a grid shape.

Top It

To further stabilize the plant and to make a nice firm top, cut a piece of sturdy cardboard into a circle with a diameter to match the inside of your new container.

Make a hole for the trunk.  I made four slices and tucked the pieces down.

Use your preference of floral moss.  I have some gray moss and some green moss.  They are both nice, but when you’re using it, there is a big mess on your floor.  Get your dust pan out now because you’ll need it.

Light It

The large tree is wrapped with battery-powered fairy lights.  It really makes the tree look pretty at night.  Well, pretty might be stretching the truth.  But it makes the corner of the room like nice.

The other tree has a small up light , similar to these, with a lot of different color and warmth options.  When I use it at night, I use a warm setting that matches the other lighting in the room.

Wrap Up

Did you nice all the geometry terms I used in this post?  And how I did actual geometry drawing and cutting a circle?  It really brought me right back to tenth grade.  

And made me so happy I chose a career not using geometry.

Cinco de Mayo is this weekend and it seems everything is that theme lately.  Are you celebrating?  Maybe a taco or two?

We basically celebrate with Mexican food several days a week, so nothing new here. This is my favorite way to make tacos.

Have a great weekend and let us know what you’re doing.