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Summer Home Refresh

You know the itch to switch has been eating at me for a few weeks.  This week it was time to remove all the spring cheerfulness and do a summer home refresh.

Today’s post is all about Target’s Threshold with McGee (not sponsored, not affiliated) and how I used some of their Spring 2024 pieces to add to my summer look.

You’ve seen almost everything here before, but I added a new throw pillow and the wavy bowl I’ve been eying since day one.

Living Room

Not much new to see here, but I removed the colorful pillows and the faux tulips I love.  The sectional needed a tad more color and the Pottery Barn Eleana was the pillow of choice.  But, ahem, budget.

So while not at all a dupe, I found the McGee Floral Lumbar Pillow in the red and blue color scheme I wanted and consider it a “look for less.”  It appears to be Kinsey approved.

The very first day I saw the Wavy Bowl in the store I felt like it would be a good addition to any spot that needed a medium size piece with a ton of interest.  I didn’t get it.

And then.  Of course, I see it on every blog and Insta post.  On console tables, night stands, coffee tables.  I kicked myself.  Because McGee stuff I drool over sells out quickly.

But I got lucky, because this beauty was restocked at my store and I snagged it.

You can’t tell from the picture, but it ties in with all the bronzy-brass Pottery Barn décor on our shelves.  It is exactly the right size for that table and I’ve been struggling with too small and too big all spring.  Yahoo!

Dining Room

I replaced the Concrete Planter with forsythia on the dining table with my old PB bowl and faux hydrangeas.  I love the simplicity and the white in the summer.

I wondered how that would look with the McGee Pastel Abstract but there is just enough white in the pic that I think it looks really pretty.


The concrete planter now lives on the small kitchen cabinet with PB’s Faux Lemon Topiary.  I bought the lemon several years ago.  PB still carries it and it still looks great.  I will admit it’s not exactly Dollar Tree pricing, but if you see a piece you are sure you will use season after season, you cannot go wrong with PB’s florals.


The entry table lost all its color too and is now neutral and white.  And still sports the Marble Bunny.  I keep saying this is not just for Easter and I’m serious.  He’s part of the family.


You might remember I moved my office from the back room and now set up shop in the living room.  (Which is where I’m sitting now with a cup o’ joe and watching the sun rise).

This space has worked out well, but I need to keep the desk clean when I’m not working so it doesn’t look too trashy.  The Shagreen Box has been nice to keep extra cables and plugs within easy reach and out of sight.

Wrap Up

If you love Studio McGee like I do and if you’re on a tight budget like I am, consider using their looks from Target.  I hope seeing how I’ve used their latest in my home inspires you if it’s your style.

Last week was crazy busy and crazy fun.  Our dance ticket was full.  This week looks a little less busy and I’m looking forward to some down time.

What’s going on in your world this week?