Home Decor Shopping

Try Something New

I know I’m showing my laziness here.  But let me be honest.  I like my rut.  It’s soft and cozy and warm.  But sometimes it’s good to try something new.

Challenge myself.

So here’s what I did.

I assembled my new desk!  Usually that is the job hub and Roxy take care of and I just clean up all the Styrofoam packing off the floor.  I’m really good at cleaning the floor.  That’s nothing new for me.  Just so you know.

But this time, hub was busy with another project 😉.  So.  I got down on the floor with a box cutter and got to work.

It turns out Wayfair has really good instructions, has all the screws and tools in well-marked baggies and all the furniture pieces marked to correspond perfectly.

Not like the old days where you get a mess in a box and have to have an engineering degree to figure it out.

My biggest problem was getting up and down off the floor.  I’m not kidding.  Ugh, this knee!

Hub did come out and help me and we got it put together lickety-split.

Wayfair Mehara Desk

I recently moved out of my old work office and decided to set up shop in the space behind our sectional in the living room.  I no longer need quiet or privacy and wanted a change.

The new spot has a ton of space, lots of light and I’m not crammed back into the corner of the house. 

I was using the sofa table as my desk and it wasn’t quite big enough and it is old and rickety.

So I went on the hunt.  The Mehara desk is the color and style that wonderfully matches my dining table.  And it is on sale.

It will now serve as my desk and our sofa table.

Wayfair’s customer service is outstanding from placing the order with a delightful actual person to the quick front porch delivery with no charge shipping.

When I can, I use their Open Box deals.  Substantial savings can be had and the items are like new.


I am so touched that some of you dear ones reached out to me for a prayer after my post on prayer.  I am honored to be lifting you up today and praying for the miracle in your life that might make things better.

Christmas Cheer

DF Julie in Denver sent me the picture of her new skinny tree she got for her condo.  It’s just stunning with heirloom ornaments that go back as far as both sets of grandparents.

Thanks for sharing and if anyone else has a special place in their home, please forward to me so we can all appreciate it!

I tried a new recipe on Sunday, but this post is getting long, so I’ll share it on Wednesday’s post.  Since it fits in nicely with the December Fit Challenge.

Wrap Up

Blessings of spending time with friends this next couple weeks really has me jazzed.  I hope you’re taking time to do what brings you joy as well.

God bless you and yours.