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Healthy Swaps

If you’re joining me for the December Fit Challenge, I welcome you today as we talk about Healthy Swaps.

Just like we knew would happen, over a week of December has already flown by and things are starting to get busy. I’m so glad we’re taking some time for ourselves here.

The tips and challenges I’m sharing are suggestions of things I incorporate.  I’m not a professional and not offering any advice as such.  These are just some of the things I’m doing to keep December under control.

And, by the way, I’m not doing each of the things every day.  I’m doing what I can.

Just like you are!

Now, back to healthy swaps.

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Did I mention that last summer hub and I met with a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist?  From DF Deb’s Anthem Health & Wellness Club, I met speaker Andi Coffee and was very impressed with her presentation and knowlege.

Knowing that we wanted to clean up our diets a bit, we set up an appointment and met with her in our home.  To be honest, most of her focus was on John and his celiac requirements.

Andi is very thorough and goes through medications, supplements, diet and exercise.  We are impressed with her and highly recommend her.  If you’re not a local, no problem, she’s licensed in many states and meets with folks remotely.

Here is the recent holiday message Andi sent:

“I think it is fair to say that none of us want to gain the predictable 5-10 pounds that often comes with the holidays! Here are my recommendations for week 1.

• Use whipped butter or light margarine in place of stick butter.

• Split desserts with your spouse, a friend, or other party guests.

• Use 1% or 2% milk in mashed potatoes in place of whole milk or heavy cream.”

She’s sending more nutrition tips throughout the month and has given me permission to share them, so be on the lookout!

Use Your Calories Wisely

DF Evon made these beautiful Greek cookies and chocolate-covered ginger cookies.  She is a GOOD friend, for sure.

However, if I eat one of these nummies, you can bet I’m not going to waste my calories on M&Ms or Snickers.

I’m making these decadent calorie choices wisely.

And enjoying to the last crumb.

Drinks Count

We all know there are a lot of calories in drinks and we are already watchful. But. Right now, I am extra careful to limit inflammation. Which means limiting sugar. Luckily, I love fuzzy water choices.

The cookies and candies and cocktails coming our way are generally seasonal and we feel like we want to treat ourselves. After all, it’s only once a year. But making healthy swaps where we can and by using our calories wisely we’re doing ourselves a big favor and our 2023 selves will thank us.