Tighten Your Abs

Welcome to another December Fit Challenge. Today I’m concentrating on my go-to ab routine. Disclaimer: It’s possible to tighten your abs and still have a little pooch, so don’t be discouraged and join me if you will!

Can you believe it’s already the 8th of December? This month goes by extra quickly and we’re taking advantage of every moment. We’re concentrating on our personal well being and embracing the joy of the season. Right? Am I right? Why do I hear crickets?

Just kidding, I know you’re with me. I also know a few of my dearest ones are still under the weather. I am faithfully praying and hoping you’re taking good care of yourselves.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?


As with so many fitness and nutrition-related topics, there is always controversy. The newest I’ve heard is that ab crunchies (as I lovingly refer to them) are not effective and a waste of time. Say what? I’ve been doing them for approximately 100 years.

And. I love them. Honestly.

Why do I love them? Because it’s a core workout that doesn’t hurt my shoulders. All the plank variations and mountain climbers are the darlings now.

But. They are HARD on joints. Hard on shoulders (of which I have two), hard on elbows (of which I have two) and hard on wrists and hands (of which I have even more).

Now in case you’re counting, there are a whole lot of joints that quickly are reduced to pain while strengthening the core.

I’ll do a certain number of those, but I back way off when the pain starts talking to me and I’m right back to my old-fashioned crunchies.

Women’s Health has an excellent article with an embedded video show proper form and extolling (is that a word?) the benefits of crunches.

Two reps of 50 crunches take very little time and it’s what I usually like to squeeze in at the end of my workout session.

Reverse Crunch

While I’m already down there on the floor, let’s do some reverse crunches, shall we? If you’re not sure what those are, the same article has a little video showing them.

Two reps of 50 reverse crunches are added to my regular crunches.


Using either a bicycle crunch or just a side reach, I do 50 more on each side.

Wrap Up

I know it seems like a lot of sit-ups, but this routine will take only 5-7 minutes and can crunch in (pun intended) 300 reps! Impressive. You can do it!

Many thanks to Brett, who is also a personal trainer, for taking these pics and making sure my form was correct.