December Fitness Challenge Day 2

If you’re joining me, welcome to December fitness challenge day 2. If you’re just reading and not participating, that’s ok, it’ counts!

As a reminder, I am popping in daily during the month with a short post detailing my challenge and hoping to encourage you to follow along.

If you have any suggestions or requests of routines you’d like me to try out, let me know. If they involve jumping off a plane or skiing down a hill, the answer is “no.”


No, don’t resist being more fit. Resist gravity. Ah, but if I could. That Cher song, If I Could Turn Back Time enters my head a lot. And when I think of it, it’s not about flubbed up relationships. Do you know what I mean here?

Anyway, I digress.

During the last Amazon Prime Day, I treated myself to upgraded resistance bands.

By their very nature resistance bands are on the painful side, but the rubbery ones either dig into my skin, turn themselves into skinny tourniquets and cut off all blood supply, or slip off my exercise pants and interrupt my flow.


There’s a new kid in town. The Renoj Booty Bands (they are literally called that!) have 35,000 almost five-star reviews on Amazon.

Three sizes for low, medium and high resistance are included. They are nonslip and made with a sturdy outer fabric and a rubberized inner side.

They are wide and thick. And the colors are cute too. Really, what more could you ask for?

Since pain is not on my December agenda, I am going easy adding these bands to my day. Here’s what I did.


Using the medium band, I did ten easy bridges, held a 30-second bridge and did my quad lifts for 20 counts. Super easy.

And yes, I had a mat buddy.


Ten easy squats.

Walking Squats

Ten walking squats moving laterally – five in each direction.

Fire Hydrants

On the yoga mat, I did ten old fashioned fire hydrant lifts on each leg. That’s it. Not 1000 like Sollangy makes us do in class. Don’t worry I’m not talking behind her back. She knows I complain. 😉

Double Crunch Abs

Just ten ab crunches lifting my knees at the same time.


As a test, again, I’m not trying to kill myself, I wore my medium band around my thighs as I did my morning chores. Which involves cat care you don’t want to hear about here.

My chores, along with making my first cup o’ joe, took me about 15 minutes. So I’ll let you know tomorrow if I feel any work in my hips and thighs from this simple and quick routine.