Six Amazon Purchases That Changed My Day

I cancelled Amazon Prime this year, so my Amazon purchases have been WAY down, but here are some finds I use every single day.  And every single day they make my life a little better.  Honestly!

In fact, three of them are repeat purchases because I added more to what I already had.

Colorfulkoala Yoga Capris

Last year, I tried four different knock-off brand exercise pants that were highly reviewed.  The winner for me was Colorfulkoala.  With side pockets, please.  I ordered the shorter capri length this time (which are not capri on me). 

Don’t worry, I donated all the pants that were over a year old so my rotation is only about a week long.  And then I have to do laundry 😉.

This is a picture of the ones I purchased before:

Drapery Glide Tape

Several years ago I decided my windows look good with a minimal look and took down all the drapes.  Except.  In our bedroom.  There we need drapes on our slider.  And oh, boy.  It was a pain opening the drapes in the morning and closing them at night. 

Because our ceilings are so high it’s hard to get the right leverage to pull the drapes without them catching and sometimes even coming off their hooks.

And then.  I found out about Drapery Glide Tape.  Just a length of this tape on the top of the drapery rod makes sliding a breeze.  Every morning and every night!  So it changes my day twice.

Rubbermaid Food Storage

I’ve raved about these containers how many times?  I won’t go on and on, but suffice it to say we ordered a second set and we still love them.

They do have some wear and tear from going in the dishwasher but I don’t care.  They still work perfectly and I love how organized my fridge stays.  Meaning less food waste because I can easily see what is in there.

Wool Dryer Balls

We haven’t purchase dryer sheets (which are full of suspect chemicals) or expensive fabric softener for a long time.  These dryer balls are doing the trick.  And they are fun to hunt down when they get caught in the leg or arm of a piece of clothing. 

Like Easter egg hunting for adults.


Another item I have raved about and use daily is the frother.  I bought a second one this year because I thought the old one might have been losing some of its juice.  Or something.  I’m not very technical on troubleshooting these things.

Coffee just isn’t the same without warm, frothed half and half atop it.  Small, but a luxurious way to start my day.  I know, simple things.

Candle Warming Lamp

This might be a bit of a cheat because I think I actually ordered this lamp from Walmart, and you can get anywhere, but I love my candle warming lamp. 

Each morning first thing in the kitchen, even before the circling cats get fed, I light my candle lamp.  This time of year the kitchen seems much brighter for that little bit of light.

Wrap Up

Did you notice I didn’t mention Christmas in this post?  Not to be bah humbugish, but I’m about done already.  That’s how I get every year, so it’s expected.  I had to wear my coat twice this week and it just wears me down.  Okay, just kidding.

There is nothing to complain about, but I truly am looking forward to all the freshness spring brings.  And it’s not officially winter yet, is it?

Oh, well, please let me know you’re enjoying this season.  Any weekend plans?  Have a wonderful weekend whatever you’re doing.