Preppy Spring Fashion

Wasn’t everything in the 1980s just perfect?  Can you remember that?  Were you even alive yet?  Ha! 

Well, I was alive and my friends and I were so HOT.  Okay, that might be a cloudy memory. 

But we loved preppy fashion and to this day I still think it’s my preferred style and looks the best on me.

I’m not quite flipping up my collar, but here are some preppy spring fashion looks out this year.

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My closet is so full of stripes you could get a seizure if you looked in there long enough.  That and the polka dots.  But I cannot resist.

Did I tell you I tried Tuckernuck recently?  I ordered a striped dress and a top.  The weather is not quite what I’m looking for in order to wear either, but I just love their preppy, coastal style.

The dress I got is no longer on their site, but they have plenty of cute ones.

The striped tee from Loft has longer sleeves which is a plus at my age.

Hot Pink!

I think back in the day, we called this fuchsia.  The lipstick was so fab.

That color is back in this spring but it’s referred to as “hot pink.”  I bought the Kenzo top from Tuckernuck and when I received it, I would call it fluorescent.  Yikes.  Oh, well, with a pair of white bottoms it’ll be cute.

Athletic Wear!

Didn’t we all want to be Tennis Barbie?  Wear a cute athletic dress and carry a tennis racquet?  Salad and lemonade for lunch? Thin thighs?

Now I might strive to be more Pickleball Barbie, but the look is still so good.

Oh, and what’s tennis without a bracelet?

Almost 26,000 almost-five-star reviews have this tennis bracelet as a must-wear on the court.

Bermuda Shorts

I am very happy longer shorts are in and hide a bit more of my legs.  Does this seersucker pair from Talbots scream 1984?

Add a Logo!

Back in the 80s everyone needed a polo horse or alligator on their shirt.  Well, heck yes!  While I’m not a fan of sporting someone’s name and advertising them for free on my apparel, a small logo on a hat is really cute, right?

Wear a Watch!

True story:  I still have a “vintage” Swatch.  Oh, boy were they a thing.  I think this Powder Plum model might go on my birthday request list.

Top it Off

Blazers are back in a big way.  A navy blazer in today’s materials is comfortable and stylish. 

A white bag trimmed with faux leather tells me a day shopping on the boardwalk is on the agenda.  This Target find is so cute.


Well, I’m going to leave this decision up to you.  Let’s face it, none of our feet, ankles or knees are what they used to be.  I think New Balance is still in my future.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed our shopping trip today.  It cost nothing and certainly cheered me up.

What are your plans for the weekend?

God bless you and yours!

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  1. Love that stripe dress, but I have given up on wearing dresses with these legs. 😆Live the preppy look though. Never stop wearing blazers, still love those. And more tennis shoes these day. 👍 Miss Jann and me went shopping today, not clothing just household stuff. Checked out two new store in Sparrk’s. It was a beautiful day here today. Miss you my friend. .

  2. I still have my little red Swatch watch, from Macys when I worked there. I will replace the battery and wear it this spring. I have a lot of watches 😁

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