Six Things That Make My Day Better

How long has it been since we have done any shopping on this blog?  Awhile?  A week?  I lose track of time, you know. 

But it has occurred to me that there are some purchases that are so valuable, I use them constantly. These six things just make my day better.

Six things that I buy often enough I don’t run out!

Santal Essential Oil

Several months ago I got on the Santal aroma bandwagon for my essential oil diffuser.  It was such a huge success, I bought another diffuser for the other side of my home.

Santal gets credit for making your home smell like an upscale hotel.  The scent the Westin uses is quite famous and is utterly delish! 

Santal doesn’t really smell the same, but Westin’s oil is crazy expensive.  So when you come in my front door, it’ll smell nice, but not quite like the Westin 😉.

Aromatech has the best oils, free shipping and great customer service. 

P.S.  That marble bunny is Studio McGee from Target and I love it SO much.

New Balance Sneakers

Full disclosure.  I have three pairs of the Nergize New Balance Sneakers.  They are all different colors in case you think I’m totally crazy.

These sneakers don’t really have enough support for hardcore cardio work, but for wearing in the house on our hard surface floors, they are perfect.

I do save one pair for out of the house wear. They are good with jeans or for attending a low-impact class such as barre or when I need flat shoes such as Zumba (my fav, Cassandra!)

Warning:  Do not let the name Nergize fool you.  They do nothing for my energy level!

Sisal Sponges

I bought a huge box of plant based sponges from Walmart several months ago and I couldn’t recommend them more.  They clean any mess in the kitchen (including coated pots and pans) without marring surfaces.

I place them in the top of the dishwasher every time I run it and use them until they are scraggly and no longer clean well.

Microfiber Cloths

Hub picked up the largest package of microfiber cloths you ever saw from Costco.  We will by drying with them for the rest of our natural lives.

I have discovered they polish up all the stainless surfaces in our kitchen without using additional chemicals.

I will say that cleaning the appliances with hot Dawn water and then wiping them is a hassle, but they look so much nicer now.  And way less of a hassle than the polishes I’ve used.

Lime Sparkling Water

I know this is a crazy thing to list, but the lime-flavored seltzer we get from Safeway is just the best.  The Trader Joe’s is good too.

A little additional lime on ice in a fancy glass and I’m good to go. 

It also makes a great base for mocktails.

I just love sparkles in my day!

Castor Oil

Okay.  Disclaimer Alert!!  I am not a dentist or a gynecologist (I didn’t even know how to spell that!) so don’t take my word for it.  But I’ve been using old-fashioned castor oil for various maladies the past couple months and a few things have worked.

I’ve heard that using organic oil in a glass bottle is important, so I snagged some off Amazon.

I can attest to the fact that it cleared up a blemish and a cold sore OVERNIGHT.

It might help my sleep with the eyelid trick but I’m not sure.

I’m using it to thicken lashes and brows and if I get big ol’ bushy brows I’ll let you know.

In the meantime here are the claims from their site.

Wrap Up

Thank you for joining me this weekend.  We are in full-fledge spring mode here and I cannot be happier.

Have a good weekend and let us know what you’re doing!

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