How to Feel Better Faster

When something annoying or downright painful pops up in your life, it’s helpful to know how to feel better faster. 

I’m sharing a few tried and true home remedies, as well as a couple new items you might not have considered.

Insect Bite Healer

Mosquito season is here.  And if you don’t believe me, just ask hub.  Because he acquired a number of bites this week.  Including one on the bottom of his foot.

Normally, he enjoys his bites.  He complains, scratches them until they bleed and keeps them scabby for as long as possible.  I am not making this up.

But I recently ordered the Beurer insect treatment device when I heard how well it works.  It has over ten thousand almost-five star reviews on Amazon.

And while that’s a powerful recommendation, hub was very skeptical.  But we tried it anyway.  And it works!

His bites were almost non-existent by the end of the day and didn’t really bother him.

Physical Therapy Tape

While I was undergoing PT last year for my back, I was surprised by how much better a piece of tape across my back could make me feel.  I’m by no means saying it cured my pain, but it helped!

My back is much better now, but I am finding relief by taping my knee (when I’m not wearing my gigantic mobility brace). 

The Anthem Health & Wellness Club hosted Dr. Birdsong last month and he showed me how to press down the top of my knee cap and tape right below it.

It helps!

I’m also taping my finger when I work out to stabilize it and reducing arthritis pain.

Darling Sollangy teaches Pilates and since it’s pretty easy on the knee, you can here how I use it.

And by the way, Dr. Birdsong will be speaking again this month discussing more aches and pains issues.  It’s free to attend, but registration is requested.  Check it out if you’re interested at noon on June 26th.

Magnesium Oil Spray

Okay, I admit the jury is still out a bit on this one for me.  Life-Flo spray is another highly rated product.  A lot of people have results with pain relief and assistance with sleeping.

Now I don’t know if it is possible to every get enough magnesium, but I don’t think it can hurt using this.

I will say that the saline base makes this product STING when you first apply it.  It really might not be for sensitive skin.

P.S. You can see I’m sleeping with Orphan X 😉 .

Castor Oil

It seems like castor oil has been rediscovered by a new generation and everyone is hopping on the bandwagon.

Again, used topically, I don’t think this product will hurt anyone.

I have had really good luck healing acne spots, small cold sores and one skin tag.

Mixing castor oil with Frankincense and rubbing on sore joints seems to help.

The oil is thick and messy, so beware of that. 

I posted here that I was trying on my eyebrows and lashes.  While I think it did help my brows, I’m just not patient enough to have my eyes gooey and then let it somehow grease up my hair.

Just being honest.

Super Glue

For some strange reason, I kept getting small cuts near or under my fingernails.  Impossible to keep bandages on, they were constantly irritated and even painful.

Borrowing a trick from the ER and OR, I used brush-on super glue and voilá!  No pain or irritation until the cuts had a chance to heal up.

Wrap Up

These a just a few home remedies and I’m sure you have several more that keep you out of the doctor’s office and we’d love for you to share them with us.

If you’ve tried any new (or old) tricks, please let me know!

All this talk about owies makes me want to tell you to have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself!

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