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Guest Bedroom Update and the Look for Less

Inspired by Pottery Barn linens and McGee and Co artwork, I gave our guest bedroom an update and got the look for less money.


Pottery Barn’s uber-popular Belgian Flax linen quilt ($300 for a queen quilt and $140 for two standard shams) is the inspiration for the bedspread I found at Walmart.com from My Texas Home. 

I have been happy with everything in her line and this is no exception.

The shams and quilt are Penelope Taupe 3-piece set.  This quilt is very generously sized.  In fact, it’s so large for the queen bed I’m considering trying it on our king bed.  Plus I love it.  The color is exactly what I wanted too.

This picture was taken at Pottery Barn.  You can see how similar it is to my guest bed. Though you can’t tell from the pictures, the colors are similar too.

Lainey Quatrefoil pillow covers adds a little class, don’t you think?

At the end of the bed, I used the throw I had from the last bedroom refresh to keep a bit of green to tie in with the rug.  “Tie in with the rug.”  Did that make you think of The Big Lebowski just now?  One of my favorite movies of all time!

The folded double-stuffed duvet at the foot of the bed is such a sumptuous look, but I just don’t know how practical all those layers are in Arizona. 

I’m still considering it for our bedroom come colder weather.

Art Work

This is sort of a cheat because Target carries the Threshold line designed with Studio McGee.  The designs are basically duped to their McGee and Co work.  So no searching is necessary.  And I’m just obsessed with that look lately.

I am going for a beachy-vibe in here and found two “paintings” that are perfect.  Eventually I’ll add a little more soft color to the bed to complete the look.

The small picture is called “Rolling Hills” and while it’s not beachy it has the sandy and green colors I wanted.  It’s comparable to an abstract landscape on the McGee site starting at $258.

Oh, and just like that (SNAP!) the beach art from Studio McGee is no longer available and I cannot link for you.

Well, in any case the artwork is 30” x 24” framed canvas and looks really nice centered above the bed.  It shows a large expanse of beach with people out enjoying their day.  There is just a bit of blue ocean in the background.

On the McGee site, the framed Idyllic Summer print is $240 and is the same vibe.

That’s the problem with Target’s Studio McGee line – they sell the cutest things out the same day they release.

Metal Wreath

To keep the room balanced, something was needed over the other nightstand but more paintings would look too busy.

Inspired by a gold ginkgo wreath from Canvas & Décor ($75), the Brass Ginkgo Leaf Wreath from World Market is so pretty and is a perfect accent.  It’s about $30, but using the store pick-up discount and a couple of shopper rewards, I paid hardly anything for it.

Wrap Up

Okay, as a reminder, I really am trying to thin things out so I donated everything that was in the room and didn’t save it for later use.  So while I did get new stuff, I still have less!

I was lucky enough to spend time with Denisse last weekend while we all celebrated Halloween happy hour (HHH) hosted (beautifully!) by Evon and joined by Barb and Stuart.

Since Denisse lives quite far, she spent the afternoon and the night with us.  As an aside, Evon and I took her to our tortuous exercise class Saturday morning.

But it was a fun weekend and a bonus she got a “new” bedroom for her short stay.

That’s a wrap for my week.  What have you got going on this weekend?