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DIY Cropped Ankle Jeans (and other FREE stuff)

If you have enough jeans in your closet and don’t want to purchase a new pair, here is what I did for DIY cropped ankle jeans.  (And some other free stuff!)

New friend Susan had an ADORABLE pair of cropped white jeans which suited her perfectly.  I was instantly jealous, of course, and she texted me the style and brand.

I couldn’t find the exact pair in my size and frankly, my closet has so many white jeans in it, you could go blind looking in there.

So, I decided to take a pair that I already need to roll up and cropped them myself. 

Cut to Length

The term “myself” I use lightly.  Because I really mean DF Barb cropped them for me.  I may have mentioned before I am not to be trusted with a pair of scissors. 

With very little begging, Barb measured them and chopped them off perfectly and straight.  She did this in between all the other million things she gets done in a day.   And Barb is always doing for others.  She amazes me.  My hero.

Fray the Hem

The jeans are now the right length but the material on this particular pair did not fray after they were cut.

So I frayed them myself.

With a fork.

It was actually kind of fun.  It’s like wrecking the house and not having to clean it up afterwards.

A few minutes of shredding and my pants looked almost as cute as Susan’s.


The Mother Insider Crop Fray Jeans from Anthro look very similar, do not come in a short length and most importantly are $218.  Yep, you read that right.  I would NEVER pay that for jeans AND you know that cropped and frayed look will be out in a couple years anyway.

So I may be uber-cheap, but I am so happy to not purchase another pair of jeans and yet look somewhat stylish.

BTW, the orange top I’m wearing is from Anthro.

This length looks cute with sneaks or heels. What do you think?

Digital Download Art

Since we’re talking free stuff here, one of the beautiful blogs I follow is Monika Hibbs.  She has an online store with digital downloads for your TV or prints to frame for purchase.  The images are lush landscapes or flowers and I cannot get enough of them.

Images for devices are FREE!  The download for the May calendar is now my laptop background with gorgeous white roses.

How happy does it make me to spend a morning on my computer with this background picture and my Mother’s Day flowers and a cup o’ joe with frothed cream.  Life is good.

What I’m Eating

This might seem boring, but lettuce!  The lettuce growing season in Phoenix is about over, but the red leaf lettuce in our garden produced enough for a beautiful salad.  Topped with a bit of tomato, cucumber, beets, grilled chicken and homemade vinaigrette I had a yummy lunch.

The garden has supplied me with lettuce all spring and I’m going to miss it when it’s too hot.

Remember our new little garden trolley?  The herbs are doing spectacular in there and I’m ready to harvest some parsley for tabbouleh. 

Hub planted chives seeds and I’m still waiting for them.

Anthem Health and Wellness Club

If you’re a local, Deb’s group is hosting speaker Maura DeShay at this month’s FREE meeting.  I know Maura personally and am looking forward to this meeting at noon on Wednesday, May 24th at the Anthem Civic Building.

Registration is appreciated and is no charge.  Details are here.

Wrap Up

I just love talking about free stuff, don’t you?  Let me know your free finds and we’ll do another post.

Sending love for a wonderful weekend.

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  1. They look great on you!! So glad that worked out! You look like a million bucks (or at LEAST $218)!
    Love you, too!

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