Goodbye, January

You knew this would happen.  You knew I would again be amazed at how fast time is flying.  Can you believe we are saying, “Goodbye, January”?  And are you saying “Good riddance”?  January has been a really good and fun month for me, but I am DONE with the cold. By the way, are you […]

DIY Cropped Ankle Jeans (and other FREE stuff)

If you have enough jeans in your closet and don’t want to purchase a new pair, here is what I did for DIY cropped ankle jeans.  (And some other free stuff!) New friend Susan had an ADORABLE pair of cropped white jeans which suited her perfectly.  I was instantly jealous, of course, and she texted […]

Three Money-Saving Hacks

We all know the money-spending season is upon us, but today I’m sharing three money-saving hacks I’m using now. The Frame TV Samsung’s Frame TV is the brilliant solution to embellish your wall with lovely art instead of the black hole a giant TV leaves in a room. It allows you to upload your own […]