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A Drool-Worthy Kitchen

While a new home or kitchen remodel are not in the cards for us, it never hurts to look at pretty homes and today I’m sharing a drool-worthy kitchen.

Come along with me and see if you agree!

Model home peeping has long been one of our hobbies.  It’s fun to see beautiful fixtures, finishes and furniture.  But at the end of the day, it’s usually the floorplan that leaves us happy to come back to our own home.

Our floorplan has been exactly what we needed over the years.  And our own kitchen remodel was 10 years ago, so as much as I’d love something new, it’s just not going to happen.

But it is still fun to look.

This week’s outing took us to Cachet Homes in North Phoenix.  The Encore community has three models and the first one is stunning.

Because of the kitchen.  Yep, I might have drooled.

Now here is the thing.  The kitchen is pretty much the center of the house.  The model has pretty features but if a home buyer chose anything less than stunning kitchen upgrades, they would lose a lot of the pizzazz the home has.

Here is what I love.


There are two different countertops in this giant kitchen and it works perfectly.  Too much white might come off stark and too much veined granite might be too busy. 

Using the white marble (or quartz) on the outside of the kitchen and a gorgeous granite on the breakfast bar really works.


The cabinets are really simple cream Shaker style with simple black pulls.  The trend lately has been to have different colored cabinets, but there is so much going on in this kitchen the simplicity is needed.


Oh, my!  I’m in love.  The backsplash tiles look like rustic bricks but with so much metallic shine they are a knockout.  The juxtaposition is beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like it.


The appliances are a very dark, almost black stainless.  They are smudge proof (how do I know?) so their shiny darkness is just another pretty feature.

The sink is a solid piece granite composite. I’m sure that was a pricey upgrade. Gorgeous.


A mixture of can lights, uplighting and downlighting makes this one well-lit kitchen. In addition, a gorgeous modern copper chandelier is so pretty without overpowering the space.


Rustic wood-grained, wide plank tile is another nod to simple design and helps anchor all the bling going on.


The pantry itself is nothing to write home about but there are so many cabinets I don’t think anyone would complain.  The real saving grace, however, is the huge laundry room that opens up to the kitchen. 

The designers have combined a butler’s pantry into the huge laundry room and that room is drool-worthy too.


It’s the size!  Now if you don’t keep a tidy kitchen or if your kitchen isn’t decorated to the nines (like the adorable place settings and copper barstools) this might not be the house plan for you.

But the size and overall design details in the kitchen get two thumbs up from me.

Wrap Up

Touring model homes is one of the safest pastimes we enjoy together.  We get to critique, file away what we like and most of all, we spend NO money.

Do you have a little hobby like that?

Oh, and then we come home and get comfy and prop our feet up on our own furniture.  There is something to be said for less than perfect!

Are you starting to prep for Thanksgiving yet?  Big plans?  I am for sure planning to participate in the annual turkey trot.  And after that a bit of holiday champagne.

Enjoy your week!