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Five Gift-Worthy Books

As we kick off Thanksgiving week, the seasonal shopping frenzy begins.  Here are five gift-worthy books you might want to consider for the bibliophiles on your shopping list.

And maybe if your loved one isn’t really a reader, do not fear!  Some of these are more like picture books 😉.

Not only are these books highly rated, they all have a place in my home.

I will link the books for convenience, but am not an affiliate nor did I necessarily purchase all these through the link I provide.

Having said all that, let’s go, shall we?

For the Coffee Table

French Blooms is a hot book now on social media.  Personally I have no talent for putting together floral displays, but I certainly do admire them.  And the photography, flowers and arrangements make this book beautiful eye candy on the coffee table.

For the Kitchen

If you’ve followed this blog for very long (and if you’re new, welcome!) you know I love arranging a charcuterie board

Boards and Spreads has some really unique ideas for serving meals, snacks and even drinks as a board.  The photography is really pretty and the book looks great displayed open on the kitchen counter.

It also works as a roadmap if you need a little inspiration for your own board.

For the Traveler

50 States, 5,000 Ideas is a fun book to pick up if you have a few minutes here and there since each state has a few dedicated pages and stands alone.  We’ve enjoyed looking at the states we’ve visited and reminiscing about our trips.

Nat Geo has a number of similar publications that look equally fun and something any traveler on your list might be interested in.

For the Bible Reader

Now this recommendation might not be for everyone, but this year I purchased the ESV Study Bible and it has been a game changer for understanding passages or stories in a new way.

This bible is huge and has clarification on every verse, every location, every era, etc.  It is edited by scholars from different countries and denominations to help better understand these ancient words in today’s world.

I have used this bible in conjunction with a study I’m doing and it’s been really helpful. 

For a New Year’s bible study or just someone interested in digging deeper, this is a recommend.

For the Puzzler

My sisters gifted me a stack of puzzles for an early Christmas present.  I cannot express how much I love them.  Oh, and my sisters too.  Joking!

Armed with a sharp No. 2 pencil and the world is at my command.  To be honest I don’t think it’s really helping my brain, but I’m addicted anyway.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love my battery-powered sharpener and I use it daily.  I need a very sharp end on that lead!

Here is a sample of the Fill In puzzles among the others I like so well.

Wrap Up and Around Anthem

Our club planted the winter annuals this week and the flower beds are so cheerful. 

I especially love the view from the restaurant patio looking out to Daisy Mountain.  This pic was snapped on a rare overcast day and makes everything seem so different.  Each day when I see that mountain, I give thanks for living in this place.

Do you have big shopping plans for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 

Are you all decorated for Christmas?  Oh, good neither am I.

I have a couple of books to report on and two recipes, but I’ll save them for next post.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and we’ll chat next week!

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