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What’s on Your Device?

Back in the old days – well, not all that long ago – most people on planes were reading books or magazines.  There weren’t devices with movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, etc. handily downloaded onto them.  If I ever finished a book, or heaven forbid, forgot a book, I’d have to purchase one at the airport gift store – GASP!  And at a gawdawful price.  Anyway, my point is that people could see what each other was reading and if they were friendly, they might comment on each other’s material.  “Oh, I see you’re reading…  I loved that book.”  Once I was sitting next to a scruffy young man who looked more like a skater than a reader, and out of the blue he commented that he really liked the author I was reading – Alexandre Dumbass.  Horrified, I looked up and quickly and quietly corrected him – Doo-ma.  With a twinkle in his eye, he said, “Yeah!”  I then realized this complete stranger had the best sense of humor and was really well-read.  We passed the next two hours in wonderful conversation.  It seems like nowhere but on a plane would you have the opportunity to discourse with a person in a different generation, different gender, different sex, etc. 

My Must-Have devices

I remember when the Fifty Shades series came out.  Every other woman under 40 on a plane was reading one.  I remember thinking, “Ok, m’am, I know you’re reading lady-porn and do not get any of that on me.  You should think of covering that book with a paper bag.”  Ha.

Now in public, reading is private.  Without a book cover, nobody knows if I’m reading Man’s Search for Meaning or the latest Jack Reacher (hint: It’s probably the latter).  When I see someone engrossed reading, I’m always curious but of course I don’t ask.

Today on planes or in airports, my non-scientific study shows that four out of five people have their upper body slouched over their phone.  I really look at things like that and I do actually count them.

I’ve mentioned before my love for my Kindle and when I was traveling for a living, I would put every extra second into reading if I could.  I would also occasionally watch movies on the plane streamed through my iPad.  It really does make the time go by so much quicker.

The other thing I’m always interested in is what’s on someone’s playlist.  Currently on my phone, I have a RUN playlist for songs that motivate me for running, a FUN playlist for songs I might want to hear while I’m driving, a DANCE playlist which I’ve actually used for a dance party and I use for house cleaning.  If I’m connected to Internet, there are a lot of fun streaming channels I personalize to the mood I’m in.  But on planes….I sometimes sneak a peek at what my neighbor is listening to and I NEVER recognize the artists!  I still love pop music, but things have really changed from when choices were either things written hundreds of years ago or what was on the Billboard 100.  And with that change comes a selection of music that is so vast it’s mind boggling to me.  Do you remember the old days when you’d have to save your hard-earned money (I babysat for $.75 a hour) to buy an expensive album or CD because you liked one song? I have not bought a CD in literally years, but I still have drawers full (and they are alphabetized) that I never listen to. Hmm, I’ll have to remedy that. I’m not even sure how to play them anymore. Put them in the blue tooth player hooked to my TV?

What I’m Reading

I finally finished Handling Sin.  I really enjoyed it, but after so many days, I’m ready to move on.  I’m starting Before we Were Yours by Lisa Wingate.  She’s an author who is getting really popular, but is newer to me.  Her novels are heartwarming and uplifting.  On audio I’m listening to Bait by Kenneth Abel.  I’m on chapter 6 so the jury is still out. 

What I’m Eating

Aye!  My eating got really bad this summer.  One thing (I know it’s crazy) I enjoy is having a shake for a meal.  Of course, I don’t mean shake like that delish strawberry ice cream concoction from Sonic.  I buy Orgain from Costco and add whatever greens I have (spinach, power greens, beet tops), almond milk and any fruit that needs to be eaten right away, water and ice.  My body loves this meal.

My Power Breakfast

What I’m Doing

I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom and I really like how it turned out.  I shopped my house to do that and then, of course, that meant I had an empty corner that needed filling.  There was the cutest buffalo check armchair at Pier 1 and John loved it too, so it has a new home.  Now I need to fox up that corner and I need better lamps and art, but hey, I don’t have a job…

Shopping My House

With all my new-found time, I’m enjoying attending exercise classes.  Our gym had a big schedule change so I’ve been navigating that the past week.  Right now I’m loving cardio classes, a couple of different and challenging strength classes and now two barre classes a week.  I walk to the gym and sometimes I can sneak in a short run on the treadmill or a long walk home on hiking trails.  Yesterday I even got out the bike! 

We have the most beautiful view from the patio next to the gym.  After my morning class, I drink my coffee there, maybe check email, express my gratitude and whisper a few prayers in an atmosphere that is more divine to me than a church.  When I say I find God in nature, I’m not kidding.  I am so blessed to live in this community.  I’ve wanted to live in the desert as long as I can remember and I’m thankful for it every day.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.  If your spiritual journey is such that you are a praying person, please add to my prayers for the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

My AM Happy Place

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  1. Good morning Corine, I still prefer books and CD’s over any of my devices. I don’t have a kindle nor do I listen to music an any device. I live turning pages of a book and looking at the sometime pretty covers. I just finished a old classic, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The book was given to me by a friend and I enjoyed coming across the Ear marked pages, wondering why the person before me marked that page, or stopped reading where they did and some of the pages had coffee stains. Did they spill there coffee falling asleep while reading.😂As far as Music, still have a car, thank god, with a CD player. I Like reading about the artists, and looking a playlist to see what song is coming up next. Taking a long rode trip with my favorite CD’s. What am I eating these days? Not much 😞

    1. You’re not eating, my friend? You really are old school. Thanks for mentioning A Tree – I’m going to re-read that!

  2. I read books on my iPad. I got a little frustrated with the PHX library e-books — I guess I just don’t have the patience with their search process and ‘hold’ system. So yes, I purchase books at iBooks. I’m currently reading Celeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere”.

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