Happy Halloween

Honestly, this really is my favorite holiday and I love how many people get into the “spirit” of things. I went to exercise class this morning and everyone had a cute little something to nod to the day. Ok, in this pic, you can clearly see that #1 I am not on a low-carb diet […]

What’s on Your Device?

Back in the old days – well, not all that long ago – most people on planes were reading books or magazines.  There weren’t devices with movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, etc. handily downloaded onto them.  If I ever finished a book, or heaven forbid, forgot a book, I’d have to purchase one at the […]

Finding Balance with Exercise and Moderate Eating

I’m in touch with my body enough to know if I’ve eaten a few too many sweets (my clothes are tight), had too much salt (I can’t get my rings on),  or drank too much champagne (I start speaking French).  I know what immediate steps to take to address those issues.  Exercise, however, has been […]