Summer Wardrobe

I purged most of my older summer tops and needed some fresh replacements for this year. A couple new pairs of shorts, white jeans (of course 😉) and a new blazer complete my summer wardrobe. Two Target bags and a pair of sandals accessorize it all. Oh, yeah, and my new pearl hoops!

If you want to see what an older lady likes to wear when the temps are blazing, grab an iced tea and have a seat.

New Tees

I’ve been on a streak of hot pink lately. And whoops, I accidentally bought several this year. You know. Forgetting what was on order and what was in my closet and purchased another. Yikes.

It’s embarrassing because I pride myself on minimizing. A closet full of duplicates doesn’t qualify.

This picture hides one, there are actually four pink tees.

My summer tees this year are from Amazon, Gap and Loft.

The Amazon tees are highly rated (as in 50K almost perfect reviews), soft and barely need a touch with a hot iron. In fact, I purposely did not iron the red tee so you could see it next to it’s ironed sister. There is barely a difference.

They come in a pack of two for $19. The quality couldn’t be better.

The puffed sleeve green tee is one of the color choices of the extremely popular top.

J Crew Factory Top & Shorts

The linen blend button up shirt from J Crew Factory is a true love. It’s so cheerful and dressy I could wear it every day. In fact I’ve worn it three times and it irons up in just a second.

I also picked up another pair of white shorts. Can you have too many white shorts?

Linen Blazer

I know it’s not unique to Arizona, but in the summer I need lightweight clothes, but as soon as I enter an air conditioned building I’m freezing.

A jean jacket has worked nicely the past couple years, but the linen double blazer I’ve seen so many places really dresses up any outfit.

This one came from Talbots and I think it’s sold out, but it’s a popular look probably at many stores.


A couple weeks ago I shared Kendra’s great site and that I had purchased the $30 Bottega Veneta dupe at Target. It’s roomy and pretty. I think it will be fine for any season.

The straw bag also came from Target. I’m not sure how long it will hold up, but it’s cute and large inside. In fact, I used it earlier this week and it carried my normal stuff plus my Kindle, iPad and phone.

The pearl hoop earrings in the red tee pic are from Amazon and on sale right now for under $9. They seem more expensive, they are lightweight and don’t hurt my ears.

The blingy Nina slides are perfectly reviewed on Target’s site. They come in a wide size perfect for me. The cushioned foot bed makes them as comfortable as a much more expensive shoe. I highly recommend these!

Wrap Up

I mentioned we have a little trip this week. I’ll have details to share next post, but I want to assure everyone, I did not need to pack alone. Roxy was there to help!

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  1. Hi Corine
    Wow you look fantastic! The red t shirt in your pic looks like a great length. Sizing true to size?

    You are inspiring they way you just get in there and refresh your closet 😃

    1. Thanks, Jann, yes, I think it’s true to size. They don’t carry petite, so it’s a little big for me, but who wants a tight tee at this age?

  2. You are no older lady, you are so stinking cute! You look fabulous! I don’t do shorts any more, especially white. I have my white linen pants and one pair of white jeans. Your legs look great and I love your white shoes. Can’t do shoes with ankle straps either because I have kankles. I gave Jann a good laugh one day while wearing leggings on a walk. Leggings are not my friend. I think Jann wet her pants she was laughing so hard. 🤣

    1. Oh, STOP! You are adorable and tiny. You do not have cankles. It’s just that the rest of you is so thin. Jann wets her pants easily so don’t despair. HAHAHAHA

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