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November Potpourri

Have you already thrown yourself into Christmas planning or are you still savoring the beauty of autumn?  I’m sharing a little November potpourri before I dive into the busyness of the holidays. Let’s say “Bah humbug” and enjoy November!

Here we go.

Shopping Centers

There is really no getting around Christmas if you’re out and about.  Our local outlet mall is boasting the tallest tree in Arizona and Santa’s workshop is up and getting its finishing touches.  But we were still able to get a cute autumn pic taken.

Horse Races

DF Evon made a good catch that Turf Paradise opened horse racing this weekend.  A redux from last time, we met with DF Denisse and placed a few bets, had a couple of drinks (well, that would be me), soaked in the sunshine and beautiful horses. 

Then we went out to a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant near the track.  The food was homemade, the dining room was spotlessly clean and the people were so nice.  If you’re near Ramiro’s Mexican Food on West Bell Road, stop in for a good meal.

At Home

Hub lit the pilot on the fireplace and the cats and I have been camped out there in the evenings.  We are lucky to skip the time change, but the short, dark days still get me pining to go to bed at 6:00 p.m.  I do like the cozy set up for reading though.

A lot of gluten-free baking has been going on in my kitchen.  I am trying to help keep John on the straight and narrow with his Celiac diet.  But baking still isn’t my thing, baby. 

From I tried the Best Ever Super Moist Gluten Free Banana Bread.  The taste was good, but my Cuisart countertop oven did me no favors and it came out looking awful.  Luckily I got a shot before I totally destroyed it.

But. Honestly, if I do say so myself, it’s one of the best tasting banana breads I’ve ever made.

The recipe called for chocolate chips which he’s not crazy about so I subbed a few chopped walnuts.

Kitty Grooming

Poor Mandy has some social issues.  She really doesn’t like me and won’t let me touch her.  Unless she thinks she’s getting a treat.  Grooming her is a real problem because she has long hair and isn’t the most fastidious of our cats.

She’s a Rasta cat.  Her back had actual dreadlocks.  I know those knots were probably painful, but she just wouldn’t let me help her out. 

I finally caught her and cut everything off her back.  Then I gave her a little mani and called it a good morning.  She got treats and doesn’t seem too mad.

What I’m Reading

My Kindle and I have been joined at the hip lately.  My blog posts have been long, so I feel like I have quite a few updates to pass along.

Here we go.

On audio I listened to a quick Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich, Game On: Tempting 28.  Those books are generally short, entertaining and well narrated.  I had a little extra time before my next hold from the library was available so I downloaded this one.  Great fun.

Riley Paige mysteries by Blake Pierce was recommended by a friend so I checked out Once Gone.  It was a fast read and not too bad as a thriller.

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover is highly rated and is on everyone’s list.  I DNF!  Life is too short to continue on with a book that I’m not liking and have little hope for getting better.  I don’t need to read a book about women who makes bad choices and then makes excuses for abuse.  No thanks.  Move along.

Hawke by Ted Bell is another DNF. It was so trite and contrived. It’s my preferred genre, thriller, but nope. Couldn’t do it.

Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce on audio was delightful!  The characters are rich, the plot is thick and the locations are engaging.  The writing is good and the narration is perfect.  The book is not all sunshine and lollypops, but it’s heartwarming and I loved it.

Wrap Up

I think it’s about six weeks until Christmas.  I know you might already be busy prepping for the big holiday season.  So taking time out to share my journey with me means a lot.  Thank you and God bless.

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