Evening on the Patio

Gorgeous early summer weather has kept me outdoors every minute possible.  Evening on the patio feels extra special when it’s all lit up.

In addition to battery-powered candles we use when entertaining, here are some of the cute ways we have to make any evening on the patio feel like a party.

String Lights

It might seem a little Christmasy, but we have colored string lights up against the house.  Coupled with strings of 50-count clear lights it makes the patio festive.  Not too bright and not too dark.

The clear lights have plastic bulbs and that makes me feel much safer hanging them up or changing them out.

The colored lights are from Crate and Barrel we purchased many, many years ago.  They were on the pricey side, so it felt like a splurge.  Now there are so many options and they are so inexpensive.  I found similar to mine from At Home (where we purchased ours a couple years ago) and they are 8 bucks!

Solar Hot Air Balloon

Okay, tell me this is the cutest yard decoration ever!

Barb and Stu had it first.  But when we saw their gorgeous solar hot air balloon hanging in their yard, we knew we had to have one.

When it gets just a bit dark, it lights up and looks like actual flames in the balloon.  I don’t know how they do it, but it’s just the cutest thing. This pic is snapped with the full moon in the background.

Adorable in the day too!

We ordered this online from our local Ace and they had it ready for pick up in less than an hour.

Solar Wind Chimes & Glass Bottles

These were gifts, so I’m not sourcing them.  The wind chimes don’t actually chime, but the automatic lights are so cute out on the patio.

Glass mosaic flamingos grace these adorable bottles.  They are battery operated and so fun for inside or outside use.

The bottles have perched on end tables, the hot tub, dining table.  Anywhere a little festive whimsy is needed.

We are still getting a lot of use out of our hot tub and the evenings are the best!

What I’m Reading

L.A. Outlaws by T. Jefferson Parker is a good one if you’re looking for a thriller series.  This is #1 in a series featuring Charlie Hood.  As a mystery, it falls down a bit because I had it figured out in the first quarter of the book.  As an action-packed California tale goes, it is fun and I recommend.

Afternoon in the Hills

We took a quick jaunt up to a little river spot I like and knocked around for a bit.  The weather was warm, but so cool and so pretty down at the river.

About an hour north of us, this spot is near Camp Verde, AZ.

However, the very second a mosquito landed on me, we were out of there because we didn’t bring bug spray.

My mountain fix was taken care of and we were back home in time for dinner on the patio.

Wrap Up

Finding small containers or a six-pack of sweet potato vines has been elusive this year.  So my planters are still a little bare looking.  But all in all, the patio looks and feels fine considering I want new furniture and décor out there.

Doesn’t matter, it is still one of my happy places and I’m going to enjoy it as long as the weather allows.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Corine, your patio looks beautiful! I am going to order the balloon from Ace Hardware. But where did you get those bottles that light up?

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