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Converting the Home Office

We had a tiny project going on here this week.  We spent some time and money converting the home office.  To what, you ask?  A man cave!

It’s been quite some time since we’ve done any projects.  The summer just didn’t lend itself to any household improvements.

But hub’s desire for a recliner (different than the one we already have in the family room, by the way!) led us to come up with a solution to get him his heart’s desire.

We repurposed our home office and he now has a place for his new recliner and new TV and new desk.

We still like the design we chose when remodeled the office three and a half years ago (!) so the style got to stay.

Here is what we did:

Trade Out Desks

Our old desk was quite pretty, but it took up most of the office.  And since nobody is working from home anymore, we didn’t really need a large work desk.

I found a petite desk at World Market and our local store had the floor model available.  Already assembled and fit right in the backseat of Big Red.

The Matteo Charcoal Wood and Rattan desk is marked down 60% so the price was exactly right.  More importantly, it’s small profile allows for a desk in the man cave without taking up so much room.

The rattan covered drawers are a great accent.  I have ordered rattan material to cover the edge of the little end table in there to coordinate.  I’ll let you know how that DYI project goes.

Trade Out TVs

Well, we actually just moved the TV from the guest room into the cave and placed it on top of our old sofa table.  Which is a perfect height.  And then.  Darn it.  Wouldn’t you know it?  That TV just wasn’t quite right.  Hmmmm.  😉

So hub made a trip to Costco and got another TV to put in there.  Which is so big you cannot back up far enough in the room to see it properly. 

But, oh well.  It’s not my cave.

Move Art & Furniture

We ended up only needing to move one piece of art above the TV and everything else looks perfectly fine.

I moved in a small table from our bedroom to hold a drink and the remote.  This is the table I will add some caning to.

The new desk is against a wall and one of the shelving units with the printer, etc. was moved to the opposite wall.

That left room in the corner for the star of the show.

Order a La-Z-Boy

Fun fact.  Our local La-Z-Boy store is the busiest in North America.  Yep.  Apparently the proximity to all the retirement communities on that side of town leads to its success.

So the store was packed when we went on a Friday afternoon.  But we still got really good service and John got to try every recliner to his heart’s content.

Since the room is small, we needed a recliner with smaller proportions.  And then.  He decided it also needed to be a rocker.

The Lennon Rocking Recliner in a natural linen color was the final choice.  The recliner was in stock in the Phoenix warehouse so it was delivered three days later.

Some décor tweaks still need to be made and I think we might be in the market for a new, larger area rug, but all in all, the room is a comfy success.

Just in time for football season.

Wrap Up

I had a fun weekend and I’ll tell you about it next post since this one is a little long.  God bless you and yours for a great week ahead.

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  1. I think the room looks great! Maybe you should consider an office organization issue sometime, I sure I’m not the only one who could use it, 😃

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