What to Pack for an Airbnb Stay

The way I travel there are two ways to pack for an Airbnb (or other vacation rental) stay.  One is when taking a road trip.  In that case, there is a lot of room, no luggage limitations and we pack everything – up to the kitchen sink.

If you want to see the packing we did for our cross-country road trip, check out this post.

But this time, we’re taking a plane.  So we need to be a little more strategic in our Airbnb packing.

Kitchen Stuff

This is the most important stuff you want to include if you’re planning on eating in more than eating out.  We love to eat a couple nice meals out and catch lunch on the go.  But after a while, we just want to eat in the quiet of our room and eat food we prepare ourselves.

And, who doesn’t want a hot beverage first thing in the morning? 

Best to be prepared!

For a quick stay, there is usually enough kitchen stuff to tide you over.  But for a week or more, provisions are needed.

We buy groceries when we land, but there is no sense looking for dish or laundry pods or boxes of baggies.

Here are the easily packable supplies we bring with us:

  • A few laundry pods (that means packing fewer clothes too!)
  • A few dish pods
  • A few baggies
  • Foil sheets (I find at Dollar Tree)
  • Spice envelopes (we like taco and ranch seasoning)
  • Gluten free pasta (it’s a skinny package and we don’t need to stress about options)
  • Coffee, tea and powdered drinks (such as Liquid IV)

Activities Stuff

We have had a perfectly sized small backpack for around 100 years and I’m not replacing it anytime soon.   It’s great for hiking, road trips and beach outings.

We’ll bring that and take along some lightweight drinking cups for the road.

In addition to the backpack, I also tuck in a folded market bag and thermal bag for grocery shopping and picnic hauling.

The last thing I want to purchase on vacation is a bag when I have tons of them at home.

Baby wipes are really handy and a gentle way to clean up a bit after hiking or filling the rental car with gas.

I like to tuck some of those into my carryon.

Rain Gear

Most of our lives we have lived in arid or semi-arid climates.  Carrying an umbrella is not second nature for us. 

Can I just tell you how many cheap umbrellas we have had to purchase when we were out of town and surprised by a downpour?

So an umbrella and a couple disposable rain ponchos are going into that backpack!


Our small Bose speaker is great to use in the car for long drives and for party music so we can dance in the condo 😉.

As a side note, our Bose noise cancelling headsets are so old they don’t have the correct port for new phones and iPads.

Plane rides are MUCH better with noise cancelling, so I ordered Lightning Headphone Jack Adapters.  It’s a very low-cost solution rather than updating headphones themselves.

Wrap Up

We are prepping for a vacation (finally!) and I have been laying our supplies on the daybed in the back bedroom.

It’s getting so full I might have to pare back some. 

But when we reach our destination, it’ll be nice to have a few comforts of home.

Side note, I took pictures of our stuff on a cloudy rainy day and the light is funky.

I post a little more about this on Saturday, but until then, have a wonderful week!

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