Trader Joe’s Spring 2023

When it comes to all things snacky and/or for entertainment, I can’t beat the unique items at Trader Joe’s.  Here’s a sample of Trader Joe’s Spring 2023 haul I made this week.

Fresh Herbs

My several-years-old basil plant has seen better days and a replacement has been on the horizon for a while now.  Fresh mint was also on my shopping list as an ingredient for a cocktail gathering.

Trader Joe’s had both potted and are beautiful plants.  Hub made a trip to Walmart and got the ceramic plant pots all the influencers are raving about this season.

I’m keeping them in the house right now, but hoping to acclimate them to the outdoors soon.  Actually, they are quite pretty in my kitchen.  Hmm.  Maybe they’ll stay indoors.


New to me is Marin Petite Breakfast Brie cheese.  Produced in Marin County, California, this tiny round of cheese is mild and delicious.  It’s most definitely on the repeat list.

TJ’s party tray of cheese has a selection of four different cheeses already sliced.  The 16-ounce package is reasonably priced and doesn’t leave me with so many leftovers when the party is over.


Any package of crackers I pick up from TJs is a safe bet.  Especially high on my list are the Strawberry and Jalapeno Crisps.  I haven’t been able to find those in several months, but if you see them in your store, snap them up.

We made do with Savory Thin Minis.

Dried Fruit

Medjool dates and dried apricots almost always make an appearance on my charcuterie boards. 


A really good sized 52-ounce bottle of OJ came home with me.  Hub occasionally uses it in a mixed drink, but mostly he loves it for breakfast.  OJ has a little more sugar than I want to consume, but a little glass here and there is a treat and this stuff is almost like freshly squeezed.  (But not as expensive).

Many Things Snack Mix

World Market hands-down has the best hot and spicy snack mix.  I can go through one of those packages in a heartbeat.  Really a downfall for me.  So I minimize purchasing it.

When I saw this snack mix at TJs I didn’t think I would be in danger of overdoing it because it’s more on the sweet side and not burning-mouth hot.

But, strangely.  I was able to eat half the bag on Saturday.  I do recommend it but I won’t be buying it again!


A bit of chocolate on a charcuterie board is a must. The small chocolate covered pretzels are perfect and are very dangerous in my household.

Cocoa Baton Wafer Cookies are new to me and I placed them in a small juice glass on the board to give it some height. These cookies are not too sweet and easy going down.

Double Chocolate gluten-free tiny cookies are very small and also a nice addition to a board.

Hatch Chile Flakes

My humongous bottle of chile flakes needed to be replaced just due to old age.  They weren’t too spicy anymore.  Every time I see the Hatch variety, I’m drawn to it because I am such a fan of Hatch chiles.

Honestly, I can discern absolutely nothing special about these chile flakes, but it does make me happy seeing it in my spice rack.

Gluten Free Pizza Crust

John tried these a few weeks ago and they have become a staple for a quick and easy meal.  He bakes the crust first and then adds sauce and cheese and any other topping he wants.  He pops it back in the oven for about 5 minutes and presto!  Dinner.

Wrap Up

Grocery shopping is just not for me.  And luckily, I rarely need to do it because hub takes that on.  But when I go, shopping at Trader Joe’s doesn’t seem to be a chore at all.  It’s like an adventure.  If there was one a tad closer to our house it would be nice, but other than that no complaints.

BTW, you might notice I was photo bombed by a very nosy Roxy and I didn’t bother to edit her out of the pics. You deserve to see how naughty she is.

Any big plans on the horizon to report?  Lots of visitors still around town trying to enjoy their spring break, but they are getting unseasonable chilly weather. The rest of us are coping.

Have a wonderful week and God bless you and yours.