Finally Fall

The AC was off for an entire 24-hours so I’m declaring it finally fall!  It’s been more Margaritaville than Apple Ciderville here. So I’ve been late getting into the spirit of the season, but here we go. My laser-focus super powers allowed me to ignore high temperatures and pull out a few fall things. And […]

Pamper Thyself

I recently saw a towel that said: “I either have my hair and makeup done, or I look homeless.  There is no in between.”  That is so true for me.  Really, the natural look doesn’t much work for me and it’s a quandary because I don’t know any of the “new” makeup techniques and I […]

Exploring Arizona High Country

Many people find their happy place near the ocean or forest, and while I do not question that, my happy place is the mountains.  Arizona was such an easy choice when we decided to move to warmer weather because not only is the Sonoran desert spectacular most of the year, the mountains call my name […]