My Top Tips for the Casual Aldi Shopper

Aldi is a newish store to me and in our part of the country.  I’m still figuring out the how to score deals and what to buy and what to skip.  Here are my top tips as a casual Aldi shopper.

I’ve seen so many dupes of really surprising items on social media, I’ve been drawn to check out Aldi when I can.

The stores are different than anything I’ve ever experienced and if they are new to you too, you might need a little help navigating.

As I get more experienced, I’ll update.  Or!  If you have an Aldi closer to you than I do and you frequent the store, please share any tips with us.

I know there are hard-core Aldi shoppers out there, but I’m still a casual shopper.

Bring a Quarter

We now keep a quarter in our change compartment in the car.  Why?  Because at Aldi you rent a shopping cart.  For a quarter.  When the cart is returned, the quarter is returned.  Kind of like the luggage carts at the airport.

And you know what?  It’s brilliant.  There are no runaway carts threatening my parked car.

But having change on us is hit or miss, so we now keep an Aldi quarter in the car.

Browse “Aldi Finds” Three Times

I’m not kidding here.  The items in this section go so quickly and they are a bit of a jumble.  Sometimes I swear they do not have what I’ve seen on YouTube and then voila!  On the third trip down the aisle, there it is.  Tucked sideways into the shelf.  Phew!

Now, more times than not, the item really is sold out, but it is worth double checking.

Consider Aldi’s Store Brands

The snack aisle is quite robust and the chips and pretzels I’ve tried have all been fresh and quite good.  If you’re in the market for the occasional bag of junk food, consider getting them at Aldi.

Purchase Charcuterie Items

Several varieties of hummus, every cheese you can think of, beautiful smoked meats, olives, crackers – anything you want for a charcuterie is available in one handy spot at Aldi.  The prices are quite good and everything looks as if it came from an upscale deli.

Trader Joe’s has historically been my go-to for charcuterie boards, but Aldi looks like a great option.

Bring a Cooler or Insulated Bag

We’ve found a couple of (guilty pleasure) freezer items we love at Aldi.  And since the nearest store is at least a half hour away.  And since it’s been over 100⁰ every time I’ve gone.  And since those items are still not really cheap.  It’s best to have a way to keep those items cool and still in good shape when we get home.

Aldi doesn’t provide grocery bags.  If you don’t bring your own it’s no problem because they have a cart full of cardboard boxes and flats that work just fine.

Skip the Booze

For a smaller grocery store, Aldi has a nice selection of beer and wine, but skip it.  Their prices are not competitive and it’s worth it to shop where you get a better discount on booze.

Wrap Up

All in all, Aldi’s produce and dairy seem to be fairly priced and fresh.  They have a nice-looking meat section, but I’ve not tried any of that and can’t speak to it.

If you have an Aldi nearby or are passing one and it’s convenient, go ahead and stop.  You might find some happy treasures.