Latest Amazon Purchases

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any Amazon purchases so I thought you might like to see what’s new. And, of course, see what I think about it!

Emergency Wound Repair

I’m always looking for ways to improve my home first aid supplies. I found Clozex Emergency Laceration Closures. I now feel better about a way to treat wounds that might not be bad enough for the ER, but need more than a band aid. I think they would also be nice for campers.

LED Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

Well, the title on this one is way too long to post, but let’s just say this might be the best purchase this year! Yep. These battery operated lights are chargeable with a USB port and don’t take a million AAA batteries like the old ones.

And the charge seems to last a long time.

They have a sensor mode so be simply placing them under the edge of the bed, they can light the way to the middle-of-the-night journeys.

They can either be applied with adhesive metal plates or magnets.

We have one in our bathroom we put on the sensor mode at night and one under the kitchen cabinet I turn on for early-morning beverage brewing.

This is a good one.

Pet Hair Rake

This is actually billed as a pet hair remover, but I find it rakes up the pet hair and then I remove it with the vacuum.

It does a nice job pulling up the hair which the vacuum can’t always do.

It works great on some fabric, but loose woven pieces (like our sectional) will snag, so that’s a no-no.

Beurer Insect Bite Relief

While we were at Lake Arrowhead last week, Jeff had a nice assortment of bites so John gave his Beurer testimony. Jeff ended up buying two and called over the weekend to report back with positive results.

This one works. But, um, full disclosure. Apparently it really hurts for the two seconds it is being applied.

What I’m Eating

We are still purchasing some of our meat from Seven Sons and from our chicken box, I used the ground chicken and made chicken lettuce wraps. I made them similar to the the recipe I shared here.

What a great summer meal. And not such a pretty presentation or photo, but it really was tasty!

What I’m Reading

This might seem really lame, but I am re-reading the Orphan X series. I just miss Evan Smoak too much to wait until next Valentine’s day to see what he’s up to.

On audio I found a new author, Christopher Buehlman. The narrator for Between Two Fires was great and the story captivating. It got a little long on details, but it was worth sticking around until the end. I’ll check him out again for sure.

Also on audio, Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan was so good! Julia Whelan happens to be a professional narrator and author and that was the subject of the book. At first I was worried it was going to be too much a romance, but not at all.

Wrap Up

It was really hard getting back into the swing of things after our mini road trip last week. But we’re back at it this week and getting motivated to get some things done around here.

Oh, and as a reminder, I am not an Amazon affiliate – just linking items for convenience.

Have a wonderful week and please let us know if you’ve bought any must-have items this summer.