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Busy Weekend

Nothing earth-shattering going on, but for some reason I ended up with a busy weekend and wanted to share what’s going on.

Kitchen Time

Marinating chicken tenders in Greek yogurt, lemon juice and spices and grilling on the Foreman Grill made for a yummy salad topping.

I prepped a nice assortment of veggies for a small two-person salad bar since we like very different things on our salads.

And for some reason?  I spent two hours in the kitchen!  Rinsing, peeling, chopping, you name it.  But that simple stuff takes a lot of time.  No wonder people don’t eat more salads.

We are doing a short mountain trip this week and back in the kitchen for more prep.  The one-bowl-banana bread is a go-to when I make it gluten free for hub.  This time I remembered to add chopped walnuts and made it into muffins so it would be easy to take on our road trip.

I don’t have a proper food processor, but I do have a small KitchenAid food chopper.  It’s works just great for chopping nuts.

The silicon muffin pan I bought a couple years ago worked great and really sped up the baking time.  The recipe really made more than 12 muffins so I put the remainder in a mini loaf pan.  That took just a little longer to bake.


A new addition to my daily fitness attire is my mobility knee brace.  My neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon recommended this prescription brace. iI finally arrived and I had it fitted to my leg.

I have worn it three days for a variety of exercise classes and so far so good.  I am so excited.  I had a good level of exercise with no ibuprofen.  Win!

What I’m Reading

On audio I listened to a YA book, Echo, by Pam Munoz Ryan.  There were a variety of narrators (Mark Bramhall!) and they were all excellent.  There were also old and traditional songs played by instruments (mostly the harmonica) and singing.

Everything I’ve read about this books says not to read it, listen to it.

Yes, it’s YA, but nothing wrong with it and I recommend it.

Armored by Mark Greaney features some new characters instead of the Gray Man I’ve been reading.  It was good and I enjoyed it, but it’s definitely one of those shoot-‘em-ups and violent.  I’ll let you decide.

For several years now I’m quite certain Dean Koontz no longer writes his own books.  His latest, After Death, is no exception.  It started out with a good premise and then completely fell apart.  The only thing I can say is that it was a quick read and I got it back to the library in two days.  Nope.

Wrap Up

The purple sage lit up the desert this past week and I stopped on my walk home from the gym to snap a pic.  Not exactly stopping to smell the roses, but appreciating nature nonetheless.

God bless you and yours this week.

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