How I Deal With Anxiety

I am a positive person.  Most of the time.  Until I’m not.  And I hate when I’m not.  Now, probably much like you, I’m lonely and depressed and tired and worried.  But that’s not a normal state for me and I want out!  Here are some of the coping strategies I’ve used over the years […]

Finding a Minute’s Peace and Quiet

What a week.  I literally pray for rain during the monsoons and then the week we get our roof replaced, we get a record-breaking rain that came from who knows where and really screwed things up.  We had buckets everywhere and I walked around with my Clorox wipes every day.  The noise and all the […]

Veterans Day Parade

What makes for a perfect summer day?  Sunny weather in the 80-degree range?  Smiling faces? A parade?!?!  Now that may sound like the makings for a wonderful Fourth of July in our Northern climes, but here in the small town of Anthem, Arizona, it’s what we get for Veterans Day.  On the Saturday prior to […]