Okay, are you already snoozing or have you decided to just move along and do something else today rather than read a blog post about HVAC? Well, let me give you my rationale here.  This is a blog about enjoying life, right?  Well, if our 21-year-old AC units go down on the Fourth of July, […]

Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

On last week’s blog I talked about some big changes around here and this is the deal.  I am a retirement failure.  I struggled long and hard before I made the decision to quit my job in April.  I liked my job, my boss and my team, but I needed more time and more balance […]

Veterans Day Parade

What makes for a perfect summer day?  Sunny weather in the 80-degree range?  Smiling faces? A parade?!?!  Now that may sound like the makings for a wonderful Fourth of July in our Northern climes, but here in the small town of Anthem, Arizona, it’s what we get for Veterans Day.  On the Saturday prior to […]