New Soda Stream (and Other Boring Stuff)

I drink a crazy amount of fuzzy water.  So I always thought a Soda Stream machine would be a good idea.  But.  They are expensive!  You have to purchase a lot of club soda to offset that price. So, I put the thought on the back burner. And then.  I couldn’t always get my favorite […]

Budget Patio Refresh

New patio furniture keeps calling my name. Especially this time of year when every possible second is spent outdoors. I shared on this post the beautiful Pottery Barn outdoor set that is so gorgeous.  And I also shared the cost.  Yikes. It was a tough call, but I made an executive decision and went for […]

Summer Home Refresh

You know the itch to switch has been eating at me for a few weeks.  This week it was time to remove all the spring cheerfulness and do a summer home refresh. Today’s post is all about Target’s Threshold with McGee (not sponsored, not affiliated) and how I used some of their Spring 2024 pieces […]

Simple Faux Plant Hack

Do you have some faux potted plants or trees that look pretty nice, but have hideous pots? Yeah, so do I. Actually, the plants I have aren’t even all that attractive, but they add some nice green to room corners.  And they were too expensive to dump at this point. So here is a fast […]

April 2024 Wrap Up

Last post of April!  This has been a whirlwind month starting off with our vacation to Hawaii and it feels like it’s been nonstop since. Now, we’re here to wrap up April 2024 and this is what went on over the weekend. Lather If you don’t have a Lather store near you, they have a […]

Grating and Storing Cheddar Cheese

Purchasing pre-shredded packages of cheese is expense, contains added chemicals and is not very tasty.  But, I do it. Because it’s convenient. Please.  It’s not that hard to shred some cheese. And then I had the great (no pun intended) idea to get the gargantuan block of cheddar from Costco and grate up the whole […]

How to Revive Wood Finishes

How did my beautiful lazy Susan get so faded and dried out and tired looking?  One day it was sporting napkins and tulips and the next day it looked like something ready for the junk pile! More than likely the Arizona climate is to blame, but no matter.  I think I know how to revive […]

DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Can you think of one reason in the world anyone would take a perfectly tidy house and destroy it?  Especially if you are one who loves tidy? Perhaps a good reason is to hold a PJ dance party with your besties?  Fun music, popcorn and dancing in the front room? That is a very acceptable […]

Easy Slower Cooker Vegetable Soup

Seems like the start to warm weather is an odd time to post the recipe for easy peasy slower cooker vegetable soup. But no matter the weather, a bowl of soup hot from the pot for a quick lunch or light dinner is our go-to all year long. The ingredients are what we have on […]

April 2024 Potpourri

A little of this and that for the April 2024 potpourri. Outdoor Living I spend as much time outdoors as I can.  The weather we have now is the reason we live in Arizona.  Perfect. Even in retirement, our days feel so busy.  So taking a Friday morning to enjoy a bike ride and a […]