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My Four Favorite Outdoor Activities

Wild weather abounds in the springtime, but if you’re like me, the warmth beckons you and you cannot stay inside.  Here are my four favorite outdoor activities (and one of my favorite indoor activities).


A good audio book (Peter Heller, The Dog Stars, currently), my favorite tennis shoes and I’m out the door heading to one trail or another.

Many times I’m alone, but sometimes joined by John, by Teddy or by friends. 

Sidewalks, neighborhood trails or hiking high country, I cannot get enough.  Springtime in Arizona means some of the homeliest cactus are blossoming right now and the spinier the outside, the more gorgeous and vibrant the flower it seems.

One more reason to be outdoor.

I’m going to include running here too.  I don’t love it, but I’m trying to get in two decent runs a week, and I enjoy being outside even when I’m working that hard.

Pool Time

We have two gorgeous pools in our community and they even keep them heated very nicely.  Hot tubs and jaw-dropping views are included at no extra charge.  My Kindle or an audiobook keep me entertained while I work on my tan.  I know, I know.  I see the dermatologist every year though.

Full disclosure: This is not my pool; it’s one of my niece’s client’s pool. But I’d be in if if I could!


Okay, this is totally cheating, and is not really considered biking, but I love my ebike.  So much.  If it’s too cold I don’t love it, but spring is perfect for toodling around the neighborhood.  DFs Shira and Barb treated me to lunch out this week and we all rode our ebikes. 

Not only did we have a wonderful time, the ride to and fro was like icing on the cake.

Patio Sitting

Is that a proper term?  Warm days, potted plants, cooing birds.  I love all of it.  Except the sneezing, running eyes part.  Roxy also loves sitting on the patio.  She and I can spend some serious time out there.

My Favorite Blogs

When I’m inside and surfing the Web, there are a few blogs I never miss. They inspire me and entertain me.  You might like them too.

Thistlewood Farms is KariAnne’s blog.  She is a rock star in the blogging community.  Not only am I a regular reader, she has also been a coach and a consultant to me.  Her personality is unbelievable. Like a best friend.

Her YouTube channel is a must-watch for me as well.  Adorbs!

A Thoughtful Place by Courtney has been a favorite blog of mine for quite some time.  Her projects, her décor taste, her fashion sense are all A-1.  Highly recommend this one, my friend.

Sarah from Life on Virginia Street consistently posts two or three times a week and her blog is lovely.  She has a never-ending supply of projects and remodels going on. That is in addition to her beautiful blog and a full-time job.  I don’t know where the lady gets her energy, but I never miss a post.

So what do outdoor activities and blog posts have to do with each other, you ask?

Well, crazy as this sounds, my new retirement routine has me super busy.  I spend more time outdoors and way less time at my desk in front of my computer than I used to.  In fact, I’m having a big problem keeping my email box manageable. 

So, as much as I love my blog and love sharing my journey with you, I’m taking a little break from blogging for a while. I will spend more time outdoors and reading my favorite blogs instead of writing one.

I’ll still be receiving comments so if you want to post one, I’ll see it.  Otherwise, you probably know another way of getting in touch with me.

This is not goodbye, by any means, but more “see ya later.” When I come back refreshed, I’ll most likely have a revamped site with some new features.

God bless you and yours and enjoy your journey as much as I’m enjoying mine.

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