Massimo Electric Cooler – Honest Review

A long road trip requires a nice cooler.  Well, we have a really nice one.  And this is my honest review of the Massimo Electric Cooler.

For the Mount Rushmore road trip we took in May, hub ordered the Massimo 50 liter electric cooler through Costco.  But.  It didn’t arrive in time. 

When Denisse and I did our Durango road trip we used it, but now John and I get to really try it out – for days and weeks at a time!

This cooler requires no ice, has wheels and a handle, so it’s relatively light weight and easy to maneuver – even for a smaller person.  Such as myself.

It’s sturdy and strong for travel.  It cools low enough to freeze if you set it that low.

I’m not sure if you can see from the picture, but there is a lot of storage space – enough to layer drinks, fruits and vegetables and then place a bag of salad on top.  Um, and maybe a bag of chocolate covered peanuts I didn’t put in the picture. 

In other words 50 L is a lot of storage.

The cord we uses plugs into the outlet in the car and into the AC indoors.  Super handy.  If your car doesn’t have an outlet, there is a separate cord that will plug into the lighter.

The motor noise is not obtrusive and is no problem in a hotel room.

Dinner on the road consisted of deli meat, hard-boiled eggs, cheese and fresh veggies.  All this food was perfectly fresh and as convenient as if it was out of our home fridge.

Avoiding condensation, ice refills, baggies full of soggy food are all a thing of the past.  Highly recommend this cooler!

What I’m Eating

Our house sitter, cat minder and son Ryan had dinner with us before we left and I made the Instapot brisket recipe from Eating Well.  In under two hours we had tender and tasty brisket and the gravy was delish.

The recipe had no crazy ingredients or complicated steps.

I may never go back to crockpot brisket.

Road Trip Check In

We made it to the great state of Alaska.  Whoops, I mean Texas.  Does waking up to snow and 18⁰ seem like a nice Texas welcome?  No, I didn’t think so either.

Our Carlsbad Caverns planned excursion didn’t happen.  We made reservations online but the road was closed due to snow and the alternate route was 4 ½ hours long.  Um, no.  We are on a journey, yes, an adventure, maybe not.

We opted for safe and continued on I-10.  There were still road closures, accidents and tie ups on the way to our second stop.  Not a great travel day for sure.

Luckily, I hit the hotel gym before we left and got in some good cardio and a bit of yoga.  So while I wasn’t maybe totally zen, I wasn’t crazed either.

This is just a quick little post to update our travels and say to hello.  So far we’re still married, so I guess that’s good right?

Thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope you are enjoying yours.


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