Freshen Up the Guest Room Bedding

Blessings have been heaped upon us recently by filling our guest room with loved ones.

But now.

Time to freshen up the guest bedding and here is what I did.

Launder Mattress Pad, Blankets and Comforter

Because I have cats and dust and lord-knows-what-else floating around my house, I always purchase bedding that can go right into the washing machine.  We have a super-duper large front loader, so I haven’t had a problem getting anything we own into it so far.

I stripped every single thing off the bed and even though it was multiple loads, everything went into the washer and dryer.  A few things got their last hour of drying out on the clothesline for that fresh air smell I love so much.

Add Downy Booster Beads

There really is nothing worse than too much perfume scented anything when you’re trying to sleep, but those Downy Beads are just about perfection in my book.

We buy them at Costco when they go on sale because they are not cheap.  And, a little goes a long way, so when I was doing the bedding, I just used the smallest tad to get a little added freshness.

Go Easy on Detergent

Just a tad of liquid Tide in the detergent cup is enough to get the bedding clean.  There isn’t heavy-duty dirt on anything and there is no need for a soap build up that is hard to rinse out.

Skip the Fabric Softener

Unless you have some serious static issues, there really is no need to add any softener.  One less chemical in my book.

Wash or Replace Pillows

Now you can see by the scrunched up pillows, they have gotten pretty well used.  Do you cut those dang tags off?  I guess I don’t.  Crazy, huh?

Because I was sort of running short on time, I decided to try to launder the pillows and if they got ruined, to quickly replace them with an Amazon order.

They came out perfectly.  I didn’t do any fancy drying with a ball or shoe.  I took them right out of the washer and put them on a drying rack outside.

You can see I did laundry way into the night and it was dark by the time I got them out.  They dried overnight and were fresh and lovely the next morning.

DF Denisse spent Thursday night in this heaven on earth (just my opinion, of course) and then she and I hit the road early Friday morning for a birthday celebration trip.  More on that next post.

Last Week

DF Jill was in town working and we met at Seasons 52 in Phoenix for a yummy and such-fun evening. 

A note about Jill.  She’s smart and beautiful and kind.  And tall.  I know, just the type I love to hate.  But, she is such an encourager to me.  I love her in spite of it!  My week was much better for having her in it.

We talked about this blog and she said my kitty references and pictures are like a Where’s Waldo and she’s always looking for an actual cat or a picture of a cat on something in my house.

How predictable am I? 

Now, I feel like I really owe you a picture of a cat, but instead, here is an adorable prairie dog I snapped in Colorado.  There are two in the picture, but the one standing makes me smile.

They are sort of hard to see because A.  They are the same color as dirt and B.  I’m a terrible wildlife photographer.  But I sure enjoyed seeing them.

And I hope you enjoyed doing a little laundry with me.  Thanks as always for coming along and heaps of blessings this week.