Amazon (and Life) Update

Some purchasing hits and some misses – here is my Amazon (and life) update for August. Shoe Rack Less than one year ago I was touting the great shoe rack find from Amazon that would help me keep shoes in the garage and out of the house. Well.  Fast Forward just a few months and […]

Simple Summer Entertaining – Fruits & Vegetables

Today’s post wraps up a mini-series on simple summer entertaining. If you want to keep your entertaining simple add fresh fruits and vegetables. Perhaps since I have done 100 posts on crudités platters, you don’t need to see me put together another one. But I will tell you serving freshly cut veggies with a light […]

Quick Weekend Food Prep

Here are some tips for quick weekend food prep which will save you time the rest of the week. And help to avoid wasting food. Do you remember the adage, “Waste not, want not”?  I think my mom used that to mean if you finish your canned peas you will not want that chocolate pudding. […]