Summer Back Yard Tidy Up

When I picture my perfect vacation day at home it starts with yoga stretches, coffee on the patio, maybe a little run at the park and the rest of the day immersed in a book.  Maybe at the pool. But reality has a way of sneaking into my plans and twisting them all around.  Dang […]

Vegetarian Lentil Soup in the Insta Pot

I’m still figuring out the Insta Pot and I’m still figuring out what fiber-rich dishes I can add back into my eating routine.  Soup is always high on my list of favorites, so I’m using up that bag of lentils in the pantry and trying out a new recipe. has been a reliable recipe […]

Plantation Shutters in the Bedroom and More Instapot Feedback

I posted several months ago how much I loved the new shutters in our bathroom and transom windows in our bedroom.  Then.  I decided I needed to replace the woven woods with plantation shutters too.  Our room is pretty dark and I felt like they would brighten up the space.  Gulp.  Expensive.  We ordered Graber […]

Instapot Boiled Eggs

For perfect boiled eggs, and more importantly, for the slickest easy peel ever, use an Instapot.  I was reluctant to purchase an Instapot because I didn’t really see the value in one more expensive appliance in our smallish kitchen. Especially for the main purpose of boiling eggs. But John was really convinced when DF Barb […]

Budget Fall Updates

On my last post, I shared my minimal and FREE fall kitchen decor update.  The great room is the other recipient of a seasonal update. As much as I really want new stuff, I’m restraining myself and here are my budget fall updates. The great room is my she-shed.  I hang out there and read […]